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  1. I agree 100%, it would be really really nice to be able to see our graded exams so we can know exactly what we need to improve on.
  2. 100% with ya. I gave it my all this time. Dont know how I could ever do more.
  3. Wow, I really can't believe that wasnt a pass. Sorry man
  4. I have a cynical theory that they purposely keep the gravity passing rate higher than the lateral to give us false hope that it is possible to pass the lateral too.
  5. I'm going with the assumption they made it harder. This was my 4th attempt on lateral. Dont think I have it in me to put my 2 small children and husband through it again but that will remain to be seen...
  6. New rule, Keshia gets a shot every time someone asks. Then we all ask and eventually she will cave
  7. Should be 'contractor has already swiss cheesed your framing, then got caught by an inspector. how do you fix it?'
  8. Ha! No, it seems like on the west coast, PE SE are expected minimums. Also I have very little hope the cutscore will come down and get easier, but we can all hope...
  9. I hope you passed! But brace yourself to be humbled. I'd never failed a test either, passed all 3 CA PE exam's first try, passed gravity first try, this was my 4th attempt on lateral.
  10. Just watch this thread. You'll KNOW
  11. July 6th, because NCEES doesn't care and they wanna see how many of us will die of stress related illness before then....
  12. Oh I see, I totally read that wrong. Good luck
  13. What?! They actually told you a date? Why can't they do that this time...
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