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  1. Just checked my score, got a 75. Passing is passing, took the ME HVAC exam.
  2. Seeing Steve and them hunt Brooks Range & Afognak Island in Alaska reeeallly makes me want to go visit the state sometime. Off topic, but that show is great. Even if you don't hunt, I'd suggest to anyone to check it out on Netflix!
  3. Do they usually release percentages? Mine just shows "Pass"? I'd like to know a percentage.
  4. @mnguy88, what is pre enrages?
  5. @Freon, you where off by 22 minutes! I received my email at 12:38, mid bite on my chiptole burrito bowl. Wasn't expecting anything till 1300 lol. I passed!
  6. I've been on a rollercoaster of emotions this morning...I came to accept that I wouldn't find out till late next week after the posts earlier in the main results thread. Then I read @Freon's post and now my hopes are back up that we will hear something after lunch.......this sucks lol.
  7. bump, for when results actually do release!!
  8. I'd suggest using the NCEES chat box and tell Kim to deliver them to your retirement party.
  9. Texas still aint out.
  10. I think you went to hard to fast. You gotta whine and dine the NCEES associates before popping that question. Just like before you popped the question to your spouse, I'm sure you had to treat them to a nice steak & mash potatoes dinner or three.
  11. Yep, same here. I just logged in and the live chat box is MIA....
  12. I agree, thats some bad Juju right there. I'd sacrifice a live chicken and offer up some rum and a cigar to the PE gods immediately if I was you @samiam9005. I'd suggest setting up your altar in your conference room, cancel meetings as necessary.
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