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  1. Good thing I took it in Texas. They did something similar for the FE, and actually gave you your score out of 100. I don't remember if they mailed or emailed the results though.
  2. I passed! holy $h!t Do they provide any detailed information on how you did other than a "pass" or "fail"?
  3. I passed! holy $h!t Do they provide any detailed information on how you did other than a "pass" or "fail"?
  4. xxxxx Moderator's Note: Please do not post exam question-related content. Everyone, including yourself, signed an NDA before taking the PE exam. NCEES does monitor these boards, so for your own sake, don't post any specific exam question related material! It's that simple.
  5. So, what do y’all think? Pretty brutal in my opinion...
  6. I think that's incorrect. I think we should always "assume" worst case.
  7. This question does not mention piece of equipment that we are terminating our circuit to, so this section of the code would not apply to the answer
  8. Luckily, one of my co-workers has a PDF copy. I printed out the PDF and made a spiral booklet, so I'm good to go!
  9. Tell me what ya'll think about this practice question and solution: I think they're incorrectly sizing the conductor by using the 310.15(B)(17) instead of (b)(16).
  10. Did anyone else struggle with those electronics questions? (Diode capacitor configurations, etc.)
  11. I'm taking the exam in Houston as well. I just found out that I don't have a copy of NFPA-70E, so I'm not looking forward to buying one for maybe 1 question on the exam... Does anyone know if the exams posted on the below website correlate well to the actual test: I just took one and got an 80%. I'm worried that it's too simple. The practice NCEES exam seemed "dumbed down" too (with exception of the electronic questions). I feel like I'm going to get slammed when I take the actual test.
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