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  1. I am trying to connect ESP32 with Zigbee module using TX RX and get esp32 module connected via bluetooth with raspberry pi and share the data on raspberry command prompt but this kind of idea is unique and to receive the data form preipheral i need to know the sample code or any theoratical example to perform accordingly. Any suggestion to make it possible will be very helpful.
  2. Hello working with new wireless vibration sensor interface through raspberry pi to test with water pump health status as per sample code I am able to get some desired value but I still need to know the parameters range through which it useful for user to test the issues in water pump properly and also create an alarming system which is going to send the critical notification to smartphone via internet I need know theoretical parameters which will help me to convert these readings in suitable aspects.
  3. Hey We are working on project and wanted to monitor the damages due to short circuit in pressure monitoring system, water valve controller has specifications of converting analog signals(4-20mA) to digital signal and digital signal into 0-5v analog output(respective to the sytems), we have 4-20mA current loop transmitter and ADC and 12v DC supply What will be best way make the use of these two components in to monitor the faults of current loops as well DAC? Your Suggestion will be appreciated
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