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  1. Bustosavich

    Pennsylvania Results

    Only know this because I was taking a lot of screenshots. For the April 2018 Exam: - Received Notice of Passing on May 24th - Appeared on State Registry on June 4th - Received License/Certificate around June 11th
  2. Bustosavich

    Oct. 2018 PE Exam Results will come out ------

    I got my notification e-mail for the April Exam at 10:47 AM.
  3. Bustosavich


    How is the quality of the certificate you received? Compared to the EIT certificate, I've found this one to be a bit lacking.
  4. Bustosavich

    Passed...do you need PDH?

    I researched that same thing being from PA myself and found this: So I would assume that means that we are exempt from having to complete the 24 PDHs for the 2019 Renewal.
  5. Bustosavich


    Just received my certificate and license today in the mail. Well, it might have been this weekend, but I didn't check.
  6. Bustosavich


    Just saw this morning that I have finally been assigned my PE License Number. Just glad that this all wasn't some sick joke!! We did it America!!
  7. Bustosavich

    EET Advice

    Personally, I only used EET Breadth Binder in the morning except for maybe for 1-2 questions. It was very thorough except for maybe some Structures questions which I highly doubt I got right.
  8. Bustosavich

    EET Advice

    The main portions of the EET Review courses didn't have any overlap for me (Transportation) although I do think the Engineering Economic Analysis did take place while the Breadth Review was still going on. The depth review ended maybe 1-2 weeks before the exam which left time for the Simulated Exam and for me to go over the results from that Simulated Exam plus focus on some weaker points. I took the Breadth On-Demand since I started late due to some scheduling problems and took the Depth Live which I preferred since I could ask questions whenever I had them. I would usually spend the Saturday watching the lectures (On-Demand or Live) and then Sunday and the rest of the week going over the topics and practice problems as needed. I just found out I passed so I must've done something right. You can't go wrong with EET in my opinion. Good Luck!
  9. Bustosavich

    Celebrating and Venting About Results

    I found out I passed a few hours before I left on a 3 day hike on the Old Loggers Path in Masten, PA. It was a bit risky checking the results right before I left, but in the end it was worth it and made the trip way better. EET was my primary source of studying and I am so glad I took it over the School of PE (who cancelled their class on me a week before it was originally going to begin).
  10. Bustosavich

    Need help with Transportation Exam

    I took the EET Breadth and Depth Review and passed so I would highly recommend them. Samir, who teaches the Transportation sections plus some of the construction portions, was a really instructor who was very good at answering e-mails whenever you had questions, even late at night. The class did sometimes get bogged down with people asking dumb questions, but Samir was able to get through the topics relatively fast. In terms of references, the EET Binders are pretty thorough, but I would also bring the Green Book, MUTCD, RDG and HCM. You can purchase the MUTCD for around $30-$35 online through their website but the other references are pretty pricey (over $200 I believe at the minimum). There were a couple of questions from the PED Book and the Pavement Book, but the EET Binders helped with those. Good luck with your studying!
  11. Bustosavich

    EET Review Course

    I had originally signed up for the live School of PE Class nearby, but it ended up being cancelled due to low enrollment. Instead of just signing up for their online course, I decided to instead sign up for the EET Online Course and I truly believe that decision was one of the main reasons that I was able to pass the PE this April. I found the Breadth to be lacking in certain areas (or maybe I was lacking in certain areas) but the Depth review by Samir was pretty spot on. It was so helpful going through each subject and reference each Saturday and then I would spend that next Sunday reinforcing the concepts. I highly recommend EET for the PE Exam.
  12. Bustosavich

    Celebrating and Venting About Results

    Passed the Civil Transportation in PA!!! Took the EET Breadth and Depth and felt that the Depth definitely helped me pass the exam. I'm a bit undecided if the Breadth review really helped, but I guess it doesn't matter now! The simulated a couple of weeks before the actual exam was really helpful to show me where I was and what I needed to work on but I definitely struggled on certain sections during the exam (Cough Structures Cough) and walked out of there unsure if I had passed. Off to go backpacking for the looong weekend. I look forward to reading how everyone else did and felt when I get back. Thanks!!
  13. Bustosavich


    Passed! So excited!!!!
  14. Bustosavich

    EET simulation test

    Coincidentally, I got a 65% (52 out of 80) on my EET Simulated Exam so that is reassuring what your instructor told you.
  15. Bustosavich

    EET simulation test experience

    You're not the only one. I also took the simulation test this weekend and scored poorly, 52/80. After going through the exam again on Sunday after receiving the solutions, I realized all the dumb mistakes that I made, stupid stuff like rounding the wrong way and not really reading/understanding the word problems. Still, I thought the questions were a bit harder than the ones on the NCEES practice test, but I have seen most of the questions on some other random practice tests I've been going over.