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  1. This is awesome news! Thank you! Regarding the Pocket ID Card this is the first time I have heard about it!
  2. Yes, per my colleague who got this PE past June, the license issued by the board is only good for the end of the quarter i.e: End of June if your license got issued after January or End of December if your license got issued after 30 of June. That means our Licenses is good till the 30th of June 2019, and you have a renewal fee (for 2 years) to pay before the 30th of June. My firm reimburses me anyway.
  3. And I presume you didn't have to send this that NOTICE OF SUCCESSFUL NATIONAL EXAMINATION form after you passed everything right? https://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/board_notification_form.pdf you just waited and got the license number e-mail and congratulation e-mail too.
  4. Out of curiosity, after how many weeks your name appeared on DCA web from getting your passing results? Thanks
  5. Hey @structural2552 can you update the thread with : February 2019 Test Results : March 18, 2019 @ 11AM Seismic @ 3:45PM Surveying (Monday) Thank you 👍🏻
  6. did you fail the survey on the second attempt?
  7. Have you tried contacting the board directly? if not, I would highly recommend you shoot them an e-mail they are very responsive.
  8. You must anticipate a congratulation e-mail from the board on becoming a licensed engineer. And afterward they will email you your license number. You will also get a physical certificate in the mail after a month or so.
  9. You passed both exams in December and you haven’t gotten your license number!!! That’s really odd, have you tried contacting/ e-mailing the board? They are so responsive.
  10. Wow I really like it! April 2018 is same cycle I took my 8hours exam in Bay Area, if may I ask .. Did you send the certificate and the pen to Aaron’s brothers and they framed it for you ? How many day it took to get it back, because they don’t have a physical store in bay area. Thanks
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