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  1. Out of curiosity, how many quizes & Practice exams come with Reza course? Other than the ones in his workbook.
  2. Agreed! The survey exam is mainly trigonometry.
  3. vip-eng

    My take on PE Surveying. Anybody agree?

    By all means no you don't have to purchase these textbooks, I was just answering your questions if the board recommends any references or materials, since the Survey has no code or manual the board chose some comprehensive survey textbooks as a reference.
  4. Couldn't agree more ... Here a preview of CPERS survey course
  5. vip-eng

    My take on PE Surveying. Anybody agree?

    Civil Engineering Examinations Reference List ENGINEERING SURVEYING EXAMINATION : https://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/cerefs.shtml
  6. vip-eng

    Hiner vs. EET

    Yeah, hit these Deficient areas really hard and I am sure you will pass it next time.
  7. vip-eng

    Hiner vs. EET

    Still doesn't understand how this assessment works; I know people who passed the exam although they skipped all the questions in one area i.e inspection questions, diaphragm questions! So the million dollar question is If you answer 38 questions right and all your answers in one area were wrong would you still fail! Any input @CAPLS ?
  8. vip-eng

    Hiner vs. EET

    No, I didn't take EET course, I bought their workbook and practice exam and self studied
  9. vip-eng

    Hiner vs. EET

    I feel I did good, I hope I did enough to pass.
  10. vip-eng

    Hiner vs. EET

    Thank you so much! I really hope you pass it next time. Did you take the survey and pass it? Any recommendation for materials or courses?
  11. vip-eng

    Hiner vs. EET

    With Hiner, you also get the IBC, ASCE-7 Sections you need for the exam as (PDF) and they are colored highlighted, not sure about EET but I think you only get the tables, not the whole section.
  12. vip-eng

    CA Seismic

    Totally agreed! When you passed it do you remember roughly what was your score ? would you say 32-35 is enough to pass?
  13. Per their website yes, it covers the New California Engineering Surveying Exam Test Plan updated in January 2018. Some of the recordings have (Do Not Study) note, most of the recordings were from 2017 and there are 4 are from 2018.
  14. @engineeringforfun would help you with that, per his recommendation, he passes the Surveying exam using Rezza book and EET practices exams. I have Rezza book and I have bought EET online course so far so good, their practice exam is excellent and mimics the actual exam pretty good, they provide 4 quizzes and 4 practice exams. I heard the CPESR is excellent but their binder is useless, I love EET binder, it's big and covers everything.
  15. vip-eng

    CA Seismic

    I took the seismic two weeks ago.