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  1. CPESR Quizzes & Patrice exams are awesome too, they mimic the actual exam pretty well.
  2. Today I finally got my fancy plastic pocket ID .. now I can say I am done ✅
  3. Congrats to all those who passed! You guys are lucky results were released super fast this month.
  4. No need to contact the board, this is the same for everyone, and it has been like this ever since. This was just a temporary license period, when you will pay $115 renewal fee it will become every 2 years.
  5. That’s very very odd indeed! You even haven’t got your temporary paper one! 🤨
  6. @JPMCL @krisEng did you guys get your permanent pocket id? I got it yesterday in the mail and it appears to be a paper pocket id same the temporary one and different that the plastic fancy pocket ID that my colleague got last year! I wonder if the board has adopted the paper instead of the fancy plastic ID that looks like a credit card.
  7. Out of curiosity what the difference between the stamp that says Licensed professional engineer and Registered Professional Engineer? In the congratulation e-mail I got from the board, the board attached a pdf that in includes my stamp sample and says “ Licensed Professional Engineer “ and based on that I ordered my physical stamp, however, my boss stamp says “ Registered Professional Engineer “ . Wondering if there is any difference. @CAPLS
  8. Highly recommend: And their survey practice exam is great too.
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