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  1. helphere


    Come onnnn CA!
  2. helphere

    Getting results today?

    Why? And what state is that?
  3. helphere

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    This is almost exactly how I felt Jackal. Glad to know we're in the same boat!
  4. helphere

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    I felt that the exam was fairly difficult. I am a recent college grad and studied probably 300-500 hours since January. I went into the exam 80-90% confident I'd pass and left thinking anything could happen. I managed to come up with an answer for probably 75/80 questions (doesn't mean I got 75 right though) and felt really unsure about 5 questions. I took the entire 4 hours for the morning section and had to guess on 2-3 questions. I ate lunch feeling discouraged, mentally drained, and a little frustrated. Some of the questions on the morning section felt very foreign to me and just plain weird. The afternoon section went more smoothly for me. I finished the exam in about 3 hours and had to guess on only 1-3 questions. Difficulty level wise, I'd rate: NCEES practice test: 6/10 Engineering Pro practice test: 7/10 Actual PE morning section: 10/10 Actual PE afternoon section: 8/10 Glad to know you guys thought it was difficult as well!
  5. helphere

    pu and X/R Ratio

    Can we revisit this question? @FPar I don't see how you went from Zbase_gen = 0.1058 ohms to a p.u. value of 0.1.
  6. I would appreciate it if somebody could help me with these two problems from the NCEES practice exam. Thanks. PE Problems.pdf