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  1. 1. Surveying 2. How many (out of 55) did you feel confident on? 43 3. How many (out of 55) did you make educated guesses on? 7 4. How many (out of 55) did you completely guess on? 5 5. Did you pass/fail? PASS 1. Seismic 2. How many (out of 55) did you feel confident on? 50 3. How many (out of 55) did you make educated guesses on? 5 4. How many (out of 55) did you completely guess on? 0 5. Did you pass/fail? PASS
  2. Passed both. Thankfully on First attempt. Used EET for seismic and Reza for surveying. No review class. Self study with workbooks. For anyone taking/retaking these, my advice would be focusing on attempting to make 45 questions correct in 2:15 hrs. The rest you can just guess. Remember, you need only 35-40 to pass. Do several round to identify the questions that "WORTH" trying. For surveying, try to prepare/answer THEORY questions. I found at least 15 questions were theory question which you can answer each in 15-30 seconds if you know the material. So, don't ignore those portion when preparing for the exam.
  3. I have Reza surveying workbook for sale. Available for $60+ shipping. I have 4 practice tests available (in pdf) that comes with it for free.
  4. I have EET Seismic Workbook for sale. Price $75+shipping. I also have 3 practice test available for additional $50+ shipping
  5. I don't think so. It clearly says "the candidate would have passed the exam, even though they were still “Deficient” in Area V."
  6. They don't wanna ruin our weekend. Wait, what?
  8. I do not think we will see anything this week. The fastest we've seen between two results is 27 calendar days. With an April 1 Holiday, April 15 is the earliest we could hear from the board.
  9. My guess: he passed unless he was taking Transportation/structures (assuming Civil).
  10. Comment on Goswami book: I found this one very useful. I agree that the depth of the problem is not representative of what you see in the exam. However, I found it useful because I broke down each of the example problem as multiple problems. For example, say, the example problem is about finding power (hp) required to pump water from point A to point B where the pipes have several fittings/bends. You actually have three problems there: 1) How to set up Bernoulli's equation between two points when there is a head-changing device (i.e., pump) is present 2) How to calculate head-loss in fittings 3) How to calculate friction head loss over a length of a pipe. Techniques/short-cut equations utilized in the book to solve these were very helpful for me.
  11. Have you heard back from the board about the results of the technical review?
  12. That's too bad. I am on 63th day. I thought mine was overdue. Now, it seems I have to wait at least 3 more weeks.
  13. Michigan and South Carolina in my experience. Could be a lot of other states as well.
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