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  1. This book is still available.
  2. The book is sold. Thanks for your interest.
  3. new_at_this


    Please see inbox or refer to the Yard Sale. I do not want to hijak this thread.
  4. new_at_this


    You'll get there. Believe me. The name of the game is waiting. It's not that much fun when you are done 😉 Jokes aside, all the best!
  5. new_at_this


    I do not see as advertising. If I want to sell these books, I can sell it to ebay/craigslist (I have cut down prices upto 50%). However, I am spending time here and offering these (including my pdf resources) to fellow EB members because this forum helped me tremendously in being a PE. Just trying to give back: as I mentioned, I am available to answer any questions/share insights into the exam.
  6. Congrats to everyone who passed and good luck to everyone waiting.
  7. new_at_this


    Good luck to everyone waiting for the results. I remember my waiting days from last year. I just passed CA state specific exams. Contact me for discounted Seismic (EET) and Surveying (Reza) exam preparation materials. These are all you need to pass the state specific exams. Advising/insights into the exam and other pdf resources come free with these materials.
  8. The condition of the book/practice exam is like new. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
  9. Sorry. I saw your message late. The book is still available. Please let me know if you are still interested.
  10. I used EET for Seismic and Reza for surveying. Only used workbooks, no classes. Spent about 50-60 hrs on seismic and 20-30 hrs on surveying. Passed both on my first attempt. Only suggestion I will give is to practice/practice and practice. By the way, I have both of the workbooks for sale. Like new condition with no marks. Inbox me if you're interested.
  11. 1. Surveying 2. How many (out of 55) did you feel confident on? 43 3. How many (out of 55) did you make educated guesses on? 7 4. How many (out of 55) did you completely guess on? 5 5. Did you pass/fail? PASS 1. Seismic 2. How many (out of 55) did you feel confident on? 50 3. How many (out of 55) did you make educated guesses on? 5 4. How many (out of 55) did you completely guess on? 0 5. Did you pass/fail? PASS
  12. Passed both. Thankfully on First attempt. Used EET for seismic and Reza for surveying. No review class. Self study with workbooks. For anyone taking/retaking these, my advice would be focusing on attempting to make 45 questions correct in 2:15 hrs. The rest you can just guess. Remember, you need only 35-40 to pass. Do several round to identify the questions that "WORTH" trying. For surveying, try to prepare/answer THEORY questions. I found at least 15 questions were theory question which you can answer each in 15-30 seconds if you know the material. So, don't ignore those portion when preparing for the exam.
  13. I have Reza surveying workbook for sale. Available for $60+ shipping. I have 4 practice tests available (in pdf) that comes with it for free.
  14. I have EET Seismic Workbook for sale. Price $75+shipping. I also have 3 practice test available for additional $50+ shipping
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