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  1. Does anyone on the boards have experience with applying for the PE license from the Michigan board? How long after you submit your completed application did it take for you to receive your license? Any information is appreciated!
  2. Oregon is listed as a state that you can use the NCEES record for initial licensure.
  3. Michigan is similar but they let you transmit your NCEES record rather than all the documentation. Is Oregon the same? Might save you some time and hassle.
  4. In Michigan, you apply for the actual license after you pass the PE. I’m using the NCEES record as all my documentation to apply. The steps I took were paying their fee then transmitting my NCEES record. Just sent it as I just received results. Anyone else have experience applying for initial licensure using the NCEES record?
  5. How long after results are released does it take for NCEES to post pass rates?
  6. I can't imagine the agony to be in one of the states that haven't released yet... I would have to stay off the boards or I'd drive myself crazy.
  7. I was a week early on my guess. Was very optimistic lol.
  8. I'm so relieved. Congrats to all who passed. Good luck on the next one for those that didn't! Thanks EB for keeping me somewhat sane during this whole process. Definitely going to stick around!
  9. Passed! Good luck to all!
  10. Michigan posted! 10:07 AM
  11. Start the results map!
  12. Not sure if you're still trolling (well done if so) or telling the truth....
  13. If this isn't real, I must commend you on your excellent troll skills. If there is a best troll award per exam administration, I nominate you for April 2018 for sure.
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