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  1. @NikR Another question, I have to reciprocate my license to two other states, is it easier to do it through NCEES Record or apply to those boards separately? Since I have an international Bachelors degree, I might have to do this evaluation process couple of times for each board right?
  2. Has anyone with an international Bachelor's degree ever got their degree evaluated by NCEES? If so, could you tell me what you submitted for course description? and were you able to get your college send out the transcript to NCEES directly?
  3. @BIGFANWW2PLANES I just searched my name in the database and a license number showed up. I guess, I just have to wait for the stamp. Does anyone know why my license is expiring on 30 June,2019? I thought we get the license for a year.
  4. Mine looks like you timeline just a month behind. Hopefully I should hear from them anytime soon,based of your application dates.
  5. @BIGFANWW2PLANES I am still waiting for my license number. My application was sent to the board on 01/16,check got cashed on 01/29 and I got an email saying my application is in technical review on 02/15.I have not heard anything from them after that. If we they dont send the notices, how will we will know if our application is approved?
  6. Anyone else gotten their license numbers or an approval email from their evaluators?
  7. About the references. I am currently working for third company after my graduation. I was unable to get references from my first company, however I am getting 2 references from company 2 and another 2 references from company 3. Please let me know if I put them correctly? Engagement 2 reference 1 &2 Engagement 3 reference 3&4 ?
  8. Could you please tell me the question numbers that are changed in the new exam book? A friend of mine has a new version and he can send me copy of those new questions.
  9. I have a old version of the practice book and I heard the new book has only 7 new questions. Could anyone please tell me the question numbers that are different from the old version? Thanks in Advance.
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