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  1. You've spent the time crush it! Don't get frustrated with some problems...skip to ones you know and re-attack difficult ones. Bring a watch ( I forgot mine), get some sleep tonight ( I didn't get any) and remain calm!
  2. In my opinion, the real exam was harder that the NCEES sample exam; particularly the afternoon (depth portion). I think the NCEES sample exam is the best available material to get you prepared on how problems are written (verbiage, etc...) and semi-accurate level of complexity. As a point of reference, when I was done with my studying ( I took EET as a prep course)...I was able to breeze through the sample exam ( missing around 6-7 questions overall); the actual exam was far tougher I thought. I was lucky enough to pass, but there were at least 5-6 problems in the depth portion where I was completely stumped and a several in the morning portion where I was able to narrow my answer to two choices instead of four. Good luck! Oh, and I did take the exam last OCT. BARCA rules.
  3. Happy 2019 all and best of luck for those of you studying for the April PE exam! I recently passed the Civil/WRE exam and utilized EET's webinar course to prepare me for the exam. I'm 20 years removed from when I received my B.S. in civil engineering and took the EIT (FE) exam 10 years ago so I was hesitant on how to structure my study plan. Luckily, I found this forum and read through multiple positive reviews citing EET and specifically mentioning Dr. Islam. I decided to go with EET and it was the best investment I made toward passing the PE exam. Their webinar series and organized notes folders are second to none in my opinion. I took a milk crate of books to the exam, but primarily used EET's folders as reference material for o/a 80% of the material found on the exam. I was also pleased by the amount of homework, practice exams and simulated exams EET offers as part of their package that were instrumental for the afternoon (WRE) focused section. Lastly and what impressed me the most was Dr. Islam's dedication at teaching and coaching you through your studies - he goes above and beyond - through email/phone/adding extra webinar sessions/simplifying complex topics/demonstrating a positive attitude to ensure you truly understand the concept being presented and the variations of these that you might experience during the exam. Anyway, I am not a paid sponsor but wanted to share my positive experience with EET that resulted in a pass after my first attempt with the Civil/WRE exam last October as there might be someone like myself last year looking for a recommended study course. Historically, last October's WRE pass rate was the lowest in recent years....for me, Dr. Islam's in-depth course was the difference. Best of luck to all!
  4. I took the ppi2pass enviro prep. and failed....most of what he covers was not applicable to last April’s enviro PE exam, in my opinion. I used EET civil/WRE prep and passed. Nazrul Islam with EET is orders of magnitude better that the binders you get with EET are worth their weight in gold.
  5. I highly recommend the EET WRE course....I passed on my second attempt and the the online course I took from EET made all the difference. I also scored in the mid 40s on my first attempt.
  6. Passed WRE! Good luck to all.
  7. Passed! Congrats to all who got it this time....for those who didn't, you'll get it next time. This was my second attempt, for me EET WRE online course was the difference.
  8. McRib + Trader Joe's Candy Cane Jo Joes = PASS
  9. What's up y'all...I'm new here. I thought the exam was challenging overall, especially the afternoon session. I prepared a solid 3 months before and utilized EET's breadth and depth webinar sessions. I was extremely pleased with their detailed level of instruction, well organized binders and amount of problems we did through their homework, problem-solving sessions and simulated I went into the exam feeling very confident. I took risk by not studying much structural/steel in the AM portion but felt OK for the other topics. None of the questions I saw were completely new other than the theoretical questions they asked. I mainly used my breadth EET binder and used the CERM to hunt down some of the theoretical questions. Looking back and re-thinking/researching some of my answers, I know I made mistakes and there's others were I gave myself 50/50 chance of answering, I think I missed around 8. I was really looking forward to the afternoon session...after surviving the morning session. I used the PASS method and answered easy problems first and re-attacked harder/more challenging ones. I was surprised at the level of complexity of the harder problems in the afternoon session. I don't know who writes some of the problem statements for NCEES or whether they're deliberatively nebulous...but it flustered me during several problems just trying to understand what they wanted me to answer. I also felt like there was a ton of theoretical and "left field" type problems...worst case scenario, I think I missed 14. I hope I don't have to re-take this sucker but would recommend EET (WRE Depth) for anyone wanting to better prepare themselves. My sense from everyone's comments here and EET WRE test takers was that this particular exam was I'm hoping that either some problems get written off or cut score is lowered. Good luck to all...I know I'll need it!
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