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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know of a resource (or a passage in the NEC) that provides typical watts per square ft of a building based upon building type and function? I am aware of NEC 220.12 but that only accounts for lighting VA loads. I am talking about the entire electrical load of the building by square foot. Thanks for the help.
  2. I took my exam back in '18 so I am a little dated at this point. Graffeo was my most prized textbook resource on the exam and I'm sorry to hear it's not as applicable now. I am assuming it's due to the greater emphasis on protection now? Graffeo did cover it but not to the degree I imagine is required now. I didn't use Zach's materials but I will vouch for Justin's practice tests being the closest to the real thing that I've encountered. At least as the exam was formatted 2 years ago.
  3. If anything I see them redoubling their efforts to expedite the transition over to CBT for PEs for all disciplines, given that it looks like life will be reoriented around social distancing for the next couple of years while a vaccine is still being developed.
  4. As an April 2018 test taker I'll preface by saying I'm sorry everybody. I can only imagine your frustration right now. But folks, if you end up having to do the CBT I doubt you have much reason to feel dismayed. As @RBHeadge PE mentioned, pass rates are higher with CBT exams than pencil/paper across the board. And although this is a personal preference, I find doing Ctrl-F in a PDF to seek out information much easier than endlessly flipping through dusty books that may not even possess what you're looking for. Also, the only way in which any of your study materials are a waste is if you didn't crack them open. Not being able to take your books into the exam doesn't negate their value. If through your studying you got a greater understanding of the material from them they have served their purpose.
  5. Has anyone here done an MBA program in the evenings while working full-time as an engineer? If so, how would you compare the difficulty of the course work / time constraints compared to studying for the PE or completing an undergraduate engineering degree?
  6. I'm glad to read the consensus seems to be it was better on the test takers than the last couple of sessions. I can't believe it has been a full year since I put myself through that meat grinder.
  7. I'm sorry to hear about your job. What a terrible variable to throw into your test day. But let us be confident that it only made you more determined to pass!
  8. I found them helpful, especially the NEC book. It provides for a foundational understanding of the material one can expect to see on the exam. At the same time the question difficulty doesn't reflect what you'll encounter on the actual exam. That being said, no practice exam really does.
  9. Is there a way to access your surveys for previous exams?
  10. I'll be the first to say School of PE lectures are hit or miss, but I don't think I would have passed without their notes. Especially with regard to protection, since I know that is of particular concern.
  11. I did not crack open Blackburn while taking the PE exam (or even read it with any consistency for preparation). I found the protection information in the notes from School of PE was sufficiently detailed such that I was able to pass the exam, as well as easier to navigate. I took my exam back in April 2018, so the relative weight of protection to the overall exam score should be the same.
  12. Maybe that single reference guide will include, like, the entire text of the NEC? I actually might prefer a situation where I could do a Ctrl F keyword search...
  13. Okay, so any change in difficulty from the P&P exam to the CBT exam for the FE would not, in theory, have anything to do with a change in available resources during the exam.
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