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  1. BirdGrave

    Protection Problems

    It's your call if you want to bring them along. I'm not saying you won't get anything worthwhile out of them, and it's very possible I missed some questions because I didn't tab Blackburn properly. I'm just saying with the amount of looking I'd have to do in the Blackburn book in order to find the answer to a question I would have eaten up my time for 5 other questions.
  2. BirdGrave

    Protection Problems

    Graffeo also has the benefit of a very well put together index in the back of the book, which can't be overvalued when in the middle of a test.
  3. BirdGrave

    Protection Problems

    Everyone is different, but I can tell you I didn't use either resource once and I passed. The materials I did rely upon to a large degree were my School of PE notes, EngProGuide material, and especially Graffeo.
  4. BirdGrave

    Protection Problems

    Yea I found Blackburn to be so dense as to not be worth the money, and the one time I tried to use it during the exam I knew immediately I was just going to be chasing my tail so I put it down. The best resources for the PE exam aren't the ones that try to throw everything in one place, because then you end up looking forever for some small detail you are ultimately unlikely to find after much scouring and then don't have time to finish all your problems. Rather the best resources are the ones that provide intergral conceptual statements about the subject matter that you can then extrapolate outwards to fit the particulars of the problem you're working on.
  5. BirdGrave

    Protection Problems

    You've gone through more resources than I have on the subject and I passed the exam. I would caution against diversifying your material so much that you don't retain anything. Honestly Graffeo probably strikes the best balance you're going to find between containing enough information to be helpful while not overburdening you so much that you miss the forest for the trees. It's what I ended up referencing first every time.
  6. BirdGrave


    I used this website for my own studying back in April. I found the questions to be a lot like Complex Imaginary; good for reinforcing fundamentals, but not reflective of actual exam question difficulty.
  7. BirdGrave

    To everyone taking the test on Friday

    It's annoying the vets can never talk about it because 6 months later there are still questions I want to whine about.
  8. BirdGrave

    To everyone taking the test on Friday

    <-- Made it on The Ark.
  9. BirdGrave

    To everyone taking the test on Friday

    That's an overly complicated way to tell people to drink after they're done with the exam.
  10. BirdGrave

    Complex Imaginary Module 1 Problem 1

    The problem asks for the peak (or maximum voltage), Vmax. You're given Vrms, the variable EEs are accustomed to working with. Vrms (or any rms value of a continuous set of numbers from time T1 to T2) is defined as: The formula that relates the two is Vmax = sqrt(2)*Vrms. So in this case Vmax = sqrt(2) * 125 = 177 V.
  11. BirdGrave

    To everyone taking the test on Friday

    I'll tell you, you'll be amazed at how fast the 8 hours go. I can barely abide sitting for a 2-hour car ride, but even at the 4-hour mark for the morning and afternoon, I would have killed for more review time. And I finished at least an hour early for each part.
  12. Good luck. You've worked hard to prepare and it's about to pay off. Remember to put your formula sheet on top and take a copy of Graffeo and you'll be fine. One more thing, you might get some questions concerning ANSI device numbers and descriptions. Make sure to take this sheet with you in case it comes up. Easy points to not leave on the table. http://www.gegridsolutions.com/multilin/notes/ref/ANSi.pdf
  13. BirdGrave

    Practice exam

    I did School of PE as well. The courses were hit or miss but I thought the notes provided were helpful. I've also heard good things about the Georgia Tech course.
  14. BirdGrave

    Practice exam

    Graffeo was my most useful non-NEC reference during the exam, far and away. It's where I went first whenever I had a conceptual question, and half the time it provides enough information to give you confidence in your answer. The mathematical questions in the back of the book are again good practice and necessary to know how to do but don't expect them to be as difficult as the real thing. The other book that really helped was Tom Henry's Keyword Index for the NEC https://www.amazon.com/2017-Key-Word-Index-Henry/dp/B01N41UM2M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1539371465&amp;sr=8-1&amp;keywords=tom+henry+keyword This was an absolute *must* for me in navigating the NEC quickly enough to answer all the questions in time.
  15. BirdGrave

    Practice exam

    I wouldn't say that. CI problems are very good at drilling in the fundamentals of power mathematics and engineering. Knowing how to do them and do them quickly is to my mind a prerequisite for doing well on the exam. Just don't expect the difficulty of the CI problems to be reflective of what is on the actual exam. It will be closer to the NCEES Practice Exam, or even closer still the EngProGuides exam (at least in the case of the April 2018 version).