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  1. BirdGrave

    PE Exam Prep vs. Grad School

    So now that I'm done with the Power PE I'm looking for a new engineering challenge to occupy my evenings. I have yet to attend grad school for EE but it's something I've been thinking about for a while now. For those of you who have already completed a graduate program I'd like to ask you, how do you compare it to preparation for the PE exam? I realize to a certain degree it's like comparing apples and meteorites, but I'm just trying to get a sense of how much of my evening would be devoted to coursework compared to what I've grown accustomed to with PE exam preparation. Thanks for your input.
  2. Mine was the second edition. It has a lot of corrections for his grammatical errors, as well as a new section on DC transmission lines. I think it came out in 2017.
  3. While I don't think anything that helps you get through the exam is a waste because it will pay for itself many times over I agree that Graffeo is the single best book you can bring with you into the exam for aid with conceptual questions. Its pithy nature allows you to seek out the vital information you need while at the same time not waste precious minutes doing a lot of flipping through pages. A combination of Graffeo + Engineer Pro Guides Formula Sheet + School of PE notes + Tom Henry NEC keyword index was my winning combination. I barely even looked at any of my other resources throughout the exam, save for the actual NEC.
  4. Have you taken a prep course? I took School of PE and while their lectures were a coin flip, I answered probably 10 questions correctly because of their very thorough notes that I would have otherwise gotten wrong trying to compile things on my own. That and the Engineer Pro Guide Power notes from engproguides.com are the sources I credit for my success. People who have taken Georgia Tech's course also vouch for its helpfulness. Also, take the FE Handbook with you. I answered correctly (I think) 3-4 questions I would have missed entirely had I not had the information from the FE book at my disposal.
  5. BirdGrave

    Failed PE Power

    Forgive me if I missed you writing this elsewhere, but did you take the Mechanical exam first and then fail it, only to take the Power exam after? If you go on the NCEES website after having passed one PE they don't let you sign up for any of the others.
  6. BirdGrave

    Review Course

    I second the Tom Henry endorsement. I would have been out to sea for most of the code questions without his index of keywords in the book. Aside from a review course I would recommend bringing the FE handbook to the exam. I brought it on a lark only to find that there were numerous questions in the exam that I wouldn't have been able to answer without it, as the relevant information was nowhere else in my notes or books.
  7. BirdGrave

    Failed PE Power

    Nah I'm sure there's a cut score. I just think it's atypically low for this exam because this exam in particular was *tough*.
  8. BirdGrave

    Failed PE Power

    I don't think it's as low as 50, but I do think it's lower than usual, as by all accounts of people who sat for both Oct 2017 and April 2018 the April 2018 one was tougher. And I think the Oct 17 cut score was estimated at around 53.
  9. BirdGrave

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    Thank you for mentioning that, I completely forgot. I think I had just done so many math problems at that point I memorized a lot of the formulas, and was speaking with respect to references for theoretical questions. The Engineer Pro Guide notes were the best consolidated set of equations I found anywhere for exam reference. They were so much more complete and better than my own compiled list of relevant equations. Thank you again for your help, Justin.
  10. BirdGrave

    Failed PE Power

    Do you own a copy of the Complex Imaginary code drill book? It helped me quite a bit in practicing looking up code questions.
  11. BirdGrave

    Failed PE Power

    A combination of Graffeo and School of PE notes with my own tabs is what got me over the finish line. I don't mind paying $1300 for them now because a PE license is going to more than pay for that investment in a short time frame.
  12. BirdGrave

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    I passed as well (according to the CTS website, it's not up for Illinois on NCEES yet). A combination of Graffeo and tabbed notes from School of PE is what got me over the finish line. I am certain I would have failed without them both. I leaned on Graffeo so much I actually can't imagine what test-takers did before that book was published lol.
  13. Reaction on this board and among people who took both exams seems to suggest that April 2018 was harder than October 2017 as well, so I wouldn't be surprised if the highest fail score was lower than 53. Especially given that it was a new version of the exam.
  14. Has it ever been established that a 57/80 is actually a nominal count of 57 and not some scaled equivalent?