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  1. BirdGrave

    2017 Complex Imaginary

    I found them helpful, especially the NEC book. It provides for a foundational understanding of the material one can expect to see on the exam. At the same time the question difficulty doesn't reflect what you'll encounter on the actual exam. That being said, no practice exam really does.
  2. BirdGrave

    Power Cutscore October 2018

    Is there a way to access your surveys for previous exams?
  3. BirdGrave

    Power Cutscore October 2018

    I'll be the first to say School of PE lectures are hit or miss, but I don't think I would have passed without their notes. Especially with regard to protection, since I know that is of particular concern.
  4. BirdGrave


    I did not crack open Blackburn while taking the PE exam (or even read it with any consistency for preparation). I found the protection information in the notes from School of PE was sufficiently detailed such that I was able to pass the exam, as well as easier to navigate. I took my exam back in April 2018, so the relative weight of protection to the overall exam score should be the same.
  5. BirdGrave

    Power Cutscore October 2018

    @Baconator on the pulse again.
  6. BirdGrave

    April 2019

    Sometime in 2021.
  7. BirdGrave

    April 2019

    Maybe that single reference guide will include, like, the entire text of the NEC? I actually might prefer a situation where I could do a Ctrl F keyword search...
  8. BirdGrave

    Pass Rates Updated NCEES

    Okay, so any change in difficulty from the P&P exam to the CBT exam for the FE would not, in theory, have anything to do with a change in available resources during the exam.
  9. BirdGrave

    Pass Rates Updated NCEES

    Wasn't it's always the case that the FE handbook was the only resource allowed even during the pencil and paper FE exam?
  10. BirdGrave

    Pass Rates Updated NCEES

    Ah okay. That leads me to believe that the CBT exam will be more narrow in scope.
  11. BirdGrave

    Pass Rates Updated NCEES

    I am curious with regard to people who took the Pencil and Paper Enviro exam if they find the PE Environmental Reference Handbook on the NCESS website more or less dense than the sum total of materials that examinees have traditionally brought on the exam day.
  12. BirdGrave

    Illinois Results

    Carrie has turned off her notifications.
  13. BirdGrave

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    Ah I misremembered, I thought it was coming out in 2020. Yea that is a ways off.
  14. BirdGrave

    My Power PE Experience

    As a test taker for both the April and October 2018 exams, I am curious as to your thoughts about which exam you found more difficult? Or if each exam placed emphases in unique ways that made certain sections more difficult?
  15. BirdGrave

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    Also worth consideration is that in a year and some change the PE Power exam will be moving to CBT format and can be scheduled at virtually any time, much in the manner that the FE Electrical exam is currently set up. If rummaging through multiple sources of information during an exam is not something you find comfortable you may be better off when your only resource is the electronic PDF they provide to you.