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  1. That makes me feel like I need more! But it's apples and oranges I guess when it comes to whatever works lol. To me PPI feels more like theory instead of application. Great reference but you can get lost in a hurry in the thick of deriving equations etc. I am going to look into Cram books in a few weeks. Great suggestion and just like the other poster said I am cautious to spend the money until I know it's happening this time.
  2. First time around studying I worked through: -School of PE materials -NCEES practice test -Graffeo -Power PE practice test Luckily, at work I use Horowitz' power system relaying, code manuals(NEC, NESC, etc), Blackburn's protective relaying, and Wilids' machine textbook. My equation binder/sheets came from the free version of Eng Pro Guide's cheat sheets that I marked all over. Since I have supplemented with practice problems from: -PPI(I find them to be more difficult but maybe too much detail for this exam) -Zach Stone's practice test and technical guide (wish I had this from the get go, he does a great job). And I bought the Eng Pro Guide full technical study guide and cheat sheets. Much much better than the free version(flow charts for NEC are clutch) and have transferred my scribbles over LOL. I think I also straight memorized what to do for certain topics(rectifier circuits and VSD especially) instead of learning so I am fixing that. I feel like I have too many textbooks when I mainly reference Eng Pro guide maybe too much? I'll widdle it down over the next 12 weeks to have a milk crate's worth of stuff. PPI seems like overkill and SoPE does a good job but some of the practice problems seem like examples and not exam difficultly, great notes and text though. I find myself watching Zach Stone's videos more and more often. Love a good breakdown. Sorry for the wall of text but what about yourself?
  3. Are you me? I am doing the same style you described and suffering from the same speed problems but I know that is mostly rust like you said. Much much busier this time around at work with trips and site visits pushed from March-June to the fall but cautiously optimistic as long as they don't pull the plug again. I did get more practice questions this time around so I don't see the same problems from the April exam study days out of fear of memorizing instead of understanding.
  4. B? Gen B will support Voltage in line BC in turn raising impedance.
  5. Hi sorry if already posted somewhere else but couldn't find an answer in some quick searches. I am an EIT in Georgia for 12 months now. I see that South Carolina has decoupled the exam from the experience. Has anyone (from Georgia) taken the PE exam in a decoupled state before the 4 years experience required by Georgia? If so, was the process of comity/reciprocity honored by Georgia? I have heard conflicting reviews of Georgia not wanting to honor 'early' passing PE exams scores in decoupled states once the 4 years of experience is gained. Like most in my situation, I would like to take the PE exam while school is more fresh more time, before life gets in the way of studying, etc etc. Thanks for any help on the topic.
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