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  1. I get the sense that you failed this exam cycle. Brace for the bright red logo in a couple of weeks. Heheheh
  2. Results should be posted second week of may.
  3. The morning session was definitely easier compared to the afternoon. When it comes to the code those are the questions not to miss points on. You have to really study it in depth before taking the exam so you can attain as many easy points that you can get. When I saw people carrying the regular NEC book, and not the current handbook I automatically assumed that they did not due their due diligence and they will fail that topic if not the exam.
  4. Strange...I didn’t receive a survey email from NCEES. 🤔
  5. The majority of questions in october 2018 were so left field and impossible to answer, at least for me. This April exam the questions asked I felt were more forgiving and straightforward even the hard ones. Anyone else who took in October please chime in. I would like to know if everyone who took it last year as well feels the same was as I do.
  6. Have you seen some of the same questions? Or has each exam been completely different and new each time?
  7. Good luck, ndekens. We got this. We will pass.
  8. This is my second time and hopefully my last. This exam overall was doable and fair and was nothing like the October 2018 exam. I guarantee you that the pass rate for this exam is going to be higher than last year. The protection problems for this exam were on par, and I got all the code questions right.
  9. I wish I did. The only stuff I have is the same as everyone else here. The only thing I did differently was read black burn cover to cover. The new specifications made by ncees last year really put a monkey wrench in passing the exam. The only people who will do decent on this topic on the real exam are the engineers who actually deal with protection on a daily basis on their jobs. Everyone else is out of luck. In 2 years the power pe exam will change again, and be computer based. Hopefully this change will make things easier.
  10. This is it. Final stretch. At this point study protection and NEC only. If you do extremely poor in either topic you are done. If this exam cycle is anything similar to last October exam than newcomers will be in for a huge nasty surprise. In any case, good luck to everyone old and new.
  11. That's a great explanation. Makes sense. The technical guide's solution tripped me up at first too.
  12. The exam at its current format will be administered only 4 times before it changes. The new format will be closed book in that you won't be required to bring a trove of references. You will be provided with a pdf of formulas. This tells us the paper exam + open book setup has become obsolete. I wonder how this will exactly impact the questions/difficulty of the exam.
  13. EET prep course? Are you a civil who took and passed the power exam?
  14. True. The official ncees practice exam is a joke, and at the end of day the responsibility lies on the individual to pass. The exam is fair in the sense that you’re told upfront that anything is fair game.
  15. Same here. My overall score was 42/80 and, of course, I scored lowest in protection. It was 23%. With code I answered half correctly. If I would have answered the other 6 correctly I would have passed the exam barely. This is definitely an area I can work on for the next time around, and overall taking the real exam gave me insight on how to improve in the other areas I did somewhat good or decent. Now when it comes to 2018, in my opinion, any course prep out there did not accurately match the problems in protection at all. To put things in perspective the pass rate nationally for the October 2018 exam was 54% in power. That is the lowest on record. I am betting it is because of the new emphasis on this topic. Hopefully moving forward the study prep out there will refelect the new changes to the power exam
  16. Can you give us a time frame when the new updated pdf might be released?
  17. Justin, please post an update here in the board once you update your study guide for the April 2019 exam. And hopefully you can add more examples on the potection section.
  18. I got my results, and I FAILED! Lol. I deserve it. I can’t blame anything or anyone but myself. Truly. Time to readjust my study form. power electronics and Protection were the topics that did me in. My score was 42/80. I am in Texas so my scaled score was 64. it seems that 48/80 would have been a scaled score of 70 and a passing grade. Everyone here that were in the mid to high 40’s you were close. So, there’s consolation in that. thoughts moving forward: Read Blackburn cover to cover. Search the internet for anything about protective relay basics. Get the pdf and print IEEE Buff book and IEEE Green book. I’ll say this. This time around we have the advantage in that we won’t waste time studying from the official NCEES practice exam. What a joke that is, am I right?! Lol Also search the internet and print articles from NCEES specifications topics such as insulation testing and Battery characteristics and ratings, etc....
  19. Good luck everyone next exam cycle!!!
  20. RadioBox

    Texas Results

    the way things are going, Texas is going to be the last state to release scores. :/
  21. RadioBox

    Texas Results

    No need to be anxious. You have one more day to relax before you learn that you failed. Hehehe
  22. RadioBox

    Texas Results

    Texas just out!!
  23. Congrats! How did you feel after you took the exam? What questions or topics on the exam did you find difficult?
  24. Since protection is new to the exam, there really isn't a definite go to book. I just used Zach's power pe review section on protection for the exam. The content in itself is great, but when it came to the real exam it helped just a little. The book that was suggested by the course was protective relaying by blackburn. I didn't bring it or use it.
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