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  1. Having already passed, it feel so damn good just reading all these posts. 😃
  2. Cool. Found it. I didn’t know there was a spreadsheet. Although the sample for power p.e. is very low. anyone who has not contributed to the spreadsheet and is willing to share, what salary range would be expected for a newly licensed power P.E.?
  3. What is a realistic salary for a newly licensed power P.E.?
  4. Hahaha, your comment almost made me spit out my coffee.
  5. uh-oh, this has all the telltale signs that you failed. =/ you guys fell for baited answers
  6. Two easy points for those who got it for those who got it wrong twice.
  7. That was everybody. They blocked everybody from posting.
  8. I doubt it. I know the type. That guy is just playing the game. What sounds better? I just studied for one day and passed. Or I studied for a year and passed. Don't believe that B.S.
  9. I failed the October 2018 exam, but passed my second try in April 2019. Reading these comments aligns to how I felt when I first took the exam in October. If you want to pass the power p.e. exam you need to know Protection and Code (NEC, NFPA, etc) like the back of your hand. Under the new specifications, these two topics are the most important. if you do poor in either one your chances of passing are non existing. The exam might be easier once it transitions to computer based in one year. You won't be required to haul all of your references to the test site and you can take the exam any month you like.
  10. The October 2018 power PE exam has the lowest pass rate in the history of the exam. That exam cycle was just an anomaly I suppose. Good luck in the upcoming exam. You got this!
  11. Zach’s live webinar/Course should be your foundation. In addition to Zach’s live webinar/review course and all the wisdom from previous posts from other users do the little extra below. I'll keep it concise and to the point. The two topics you absolutely do not have the luxury of missing problems on the exam are Protection and NEC. This is key. Devote 2.5 months into these topics. It is excessive, but whatever it takes to pass. · Use NEC handbook · Create your own index for the NEC in a excel sheet. Turn each page of the handbook and write down the section on top of the page. This will force you to learn all sections. · Mike Holt Understanding the National Electrical Code, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 · Solve all mathematical NEC problems you can find · Protection- Read black burn cover to cover. Make tabs. · Protective Relay Principles by SLEVA. Make tabs. · EPRI Power Systems Dynamics Tutorial. Make tabs. · Learn theory · Solve all mathematical Protection problems you can find · Any articles you can find on the internet from multiple sources on these two topics and make a single binder.
  12. Texas here, and I’m so happy to announce that I passed. This was my second attempt. The Texas state board has yet to update the grades, but last exam cycle I failed with a scaled score of 64 (42/80). I feel for the regular posters on this forum that have failed. Don’t give up. Doesn’t matter if this was your 2nd attempt or 7th attempt. Keep taking it. I’m going to write up an enormous detailed post sometime in the next 2 weeks on how I managed to passed. Hopefully it will help someone. Before I log off, I endorse and recommend Zach’s course. I would have failed without it.
  13. Judging from your posts you must be like 70 years old. You just don’t understand how the internet works old man.
  14. No one here needs to hear a lecture, grandpa. there is a fine line between trolling, and being a piece of .... trolling on on the day of is a big no no. Any other time before that it is okay.
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