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  1. Texas here, and I’m so happy to announce that I passed. This was my second attempt. The Texas state board has yet to update the grades, but last exam cycle I failed with a scaled score of 64 (42/80). I feel for the regular posters on this forum that have failed. Don’t give up. Doesn’t matter if this was your 2nd attempt or 7th attempt. Keep taking it. I’m going to write up an enormous detailed post sometime in the next 2 weeks on how I managed to passed. Hopefully it will help someone. Before I log off, I endorse and recommend Zach’s course. I would have failed without it.
  2. Judging from your posts you must be like 70 years old. You just don’t understand how the internet works old man.
  3. No one here needs to hear a lecture, grandpa. there is a fine line between trolling, and being a piece of .... trolling on on the day of is a big no no. Any other time before that it is okay.
  4. Sorry to hear that, daydreambeliever. You will pass next time.
  5. Sorry to hear that. You will pass next time.
  6. Last exam cycle in the morning, on the day of the release, the ncees live chat stated that “grades have been released to the state boards” Thats how I know grades won’t be posted today
  7. There are two groups of people. One group is adamant that this is true. The second group firmly believes this is a hoax. once results are release let the forum know if this is legit or false.
  8. TEXAS IS OUT!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow, probably.... I don't know.
  9. I asked if results were being released this week. Reply was "no" I asked if then results would be released next week. Reply was the standard "6 to 8 weeks"
  10. The earliest way to get notified that the results are released is by checking your email. NCEES will send you an email. This method is faster than following NCEES on twitter, lurking on forum, or refreshing on myncess result page.
  11. Hahahahahahhaha OP wrecked havoc on this thread! The name MegaPE should be inscribed on some digital wall. Lol
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