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  1. @Taylor Yes. And during the exam you can search key words. However, from the exam I took, I barely had to use the handbook.
  2. I am no mechanical eng but I am as well studying for PE. I used a total of 3 different references + 1 NCEES practice. I often find foreign equations out of nowhere in the solution that are nowhere to be found in the NCEES official ref. manual. There's even lots of mistakes with calculation, notation, units and nomenclature confusions in the author-given solutions to their own problems XD Do not waste too much time on details like those, just learn the topic covered extensively from your old textbooks or online sources then move on. You have far much more to worry about than just one problem.
  3. Engineer123, Since the OP hasn't responded, I would guess that he passed lol I took the chemical CBT in June, I found most problems straight forward, for most problems, my calculated result was almost always in one of the four choices. I finished the exam right on time, went home and celebrated. Three days later had I found that I failed, the diagnostic result showed that my knowledge was below average on every subject. I regretted that all I did to prepare was did the NCEES practice exam over and over (roughly 10 times in total). Not only this was inefficient, but little did I realize that I was only getting familiar with those 80 problems instead of being agile with the reference book and actually reviewed with those contexts learned in college. So I spent a few hundred dollars on PPI books, starting from scratch and planning to step in again soon. If you already took it, please share your experience.
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have a MS degree but I was always the B student in class. With 5 years of experience, I passed the FE exam by only practicing the NCEES practice exam. I thought I could do the same for PE prep and pass, so I failed. I then bought the PPI combo of 3 books and spent 3 months to go through everything. Hopefully I can pass this time. But thanks to your sharing, I feel more confident now.
  5. hi all, Due to copyright concerns and lack of legal knowledge, I cannot post the problem itself here. I just do not understand why in the solution the enthalpy of the heating jacket is being used instead of the enthalpy at saturated steam pressure of 0 psia. The question is obviously asking for the feed rate to the evaporator, not the heating jacket. And I have a feeling this confusion is from my lack of understanding of an evaporator, and I am confusing myself with the feeds?
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