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  1. @CAPLS Do you by any chance know if the board has issued new license numbers ? I understand they issue numbers the beginning and the end of each month, I was just wondering if they had already issued numbers for the beginning of July I'm having some problems with mine.
  2. Barney. I dont know if you are in the new process where you had to pass the 8 hr test in order to take the Seismic and Surveying. But I am, and they issued license numbers on June 25 and a college of mine who was in the old process, where you could take the 8 hr, seismic, surveying in any order (but you had to send a form saying that you passed the test) Did get his license number, and I didn't so... I emailed the board and they said that I should have sent the notice of successful examination, and since I didn't sent that then that's why I didn't get my license number in June 25th. I tried explaining to the evaluator that I am in the new process and that In my original application I already checked the box where it says that I passed the 8 hr test, and that I wouldn't have been able to take the seismic and surveying tests if it weren't for that. They said I should send the Notice of Successful Examination and that way I can get my license number in the next time they issue them. Just wanted to share that experience hoping that helps anybody in the same situation.
  3. I think that too. Hopefully this information will help people trying to get their license under the new process. Now I'll have to wait another month until they reissue license numbers.
  4. Hi. I'm getting my license, but I'm in the new process. in which you have to pass the PE before you submit your application, and then you are authorized to take the State Specific. As stated in: http://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/applying_for_ce.shtml I already passed the PE filled my application got a response and passed the 2 state specific tests. ( I took the last test on May) So I thought I would get my license number on the next go around which just happened June 22. But it turns out I didn't So I email the board and apparently I should have submitted a Notice of Successful Examination form to state that I already passed the PE. Wouldn't that be implicit since I was already authorized to take the State Specific? It doesn't make sense. Anybody has some experience regarding this?
  5. So the way it worked last month was. Took test in April, Got results Mid May, license number first week of June I took my last test on May and Got my results mid June, so I'm hoping to get my license number by the first week of July Hope this information was helpful
  6. For the surveying? I pretty much just studied the Surveying PRinicples for civil engineers book from Paul A. Cuomo and a the practice problems of the Practice exams for the California civil surveying exam, from Peter R. Boniface. And also did all the problems from the CERM related to Surveying I studied couple of hours a day after work for around 3-4 weeks
  7. Hey Waiting on the results from The state specific tests taken on May 2018, according to last moth's results we should be receiving the results this week or the next one. Let me know if you hear anything else. Thanks
  8. Apparently they do the cut in the end of the month and they publish results after they meet the following month so you'll get your results around mid June
  9. Woow So I'll be expecting it by July probably I just took the surveying, which was the last one I had to pass (I think I did pretty well... Don't want to jinx it though ) But I just wanted to have a time frame to let my my employer know thanks Keep me posted when you receive it Congratulations
  10. The board automatically process, and sends you your license? you don't have to submit anymore paperwork? Pay anything else?
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