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  1. Power is 4th most popular exam but it seems to have the lowest Pass%
  2. Also, its too vast a subject. Its like 10 or 12 courses all into that one exam. I hope NCEES can specialize it further at least like Machines & Controls, Protection & Power Systems. Create 2 or 3 different exams out of it. Thats how it is real world (profession) too I feel.
  3. @Nashi FE is computer based, not PE Power, that is still Paper
  4. i think Zgen needs to be converted to 1kV base, for the rest of the solution to be valid, as in the author's calculation of Ibase on 1kV. after that the Ia1 value will change (because of change in Zgen) and finally we will have a different Ia1 value
  5. My answer comes about 5.879 kA for Three Phase Fault and 5.890 kA for Single Phase to Ground Fault.
  6. Its quite strange in 2014 when I gave FE in PA, they had my Educational Credential Evaluation (ECE) thru PCS and they found no problem with my Bachelors from India and Masters from USA. Now in 2018, when I purchased ECE from NCEES, they say I have 6 credits missing from General Education.
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