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  1. cbl14

    Passed PE Civil

    Congratulations on passing! I'm seriously considering taking EET this winter. I didn't pass the October 2018 exam (Transportation DS). I took the School of PE course, and I thought they did a poor job of preparing me. Would you say that most of the questions you were prepared for and not surprised?
  2. What resources did you use for your practice problems?
  3. October 2018 was my first time taking the exam too. 25 for AM, 19 for PM. Transportation depth. I was really disappointed I didn't do better in the AM. I took the on demand course from School of PE. To be honest, I felt like I took an entirely different exam than what SOPE offered for review. I thought a lot of their material was too basic and too fundamental, especially in the Depth portion. I voiced these concerns in my feedback to them. They offer a free repeat attempt, but why go back to something that didn't work? Seriously considering EET for April exam.
  4. I still have a lot of the review books I used for the FE a few years ago, such as the PPI Civil practice problems textbook. Would this book be a good review to practice for the PE breadth session?
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