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  1. No, I took EET Binder CERM (7th ed, don't waste money on a fancy new ed) CERM Solution Env Engg Handbook Design of RCC Structure (Nielson, 13th ed) ALL college/grad level textbook (Water, Hydrology , Environment) that I had FE Handbook FE Civil Books My Own notes/binder Mostly I used EET Binder, but for a couple of ques having those additional reference really helped me
  2. For Civil WRE, Take EET, EET, EET Wait, let me say that again , EET EET EET EET EET
  3. I Passseeeeeeeeeeeeeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. Hello, So here is the thing. My 2nd attempt was not successful (October 2017, Civil WRE) First Attempt: October 2016: I didn't spent that much time for studying. Also, didn't had that much practice problems. I took the ASCE Civil 22 part course. Not that much helpful at all, specially my depth was WRE and content of those course videos was not helpful, sometimes misleading compared to NCEES guideline. They felt more like a college course, not exam focused. Used CERM and some other text books. So I failed. 2nd Attempt: I really tried to ace WRE/ENV part this time, solved more problems for the afternoon based on 6 minutes, goswami and some other hand notes /practice problems. I felt confident. But this time my score was 66%.. Also, I felt I did not had enough reference materials with me, specially for environment /air quality section . Now, I really want to make a difference this time. So planning to take a review course. Which course would be better, EET or Testmasters Dallas ? I have silently followed all the posts in this board , but would highly appreciate if someone can share their recent experience List of Reference /Books: I really felt the afternoon environment section had a lot of stuff that was not covered in CERM, Goswami, 6 minutes, or even the env textbooks I took with me
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