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  1. indeed! Happy Birthday kind sir!
  2. This kind of rubs me the wrong way. There are no spark notes for the PE exam. If you can determine all the values in a transmission system, great, you can probably get away with minor studying in that subject area and some refresher notes. If you have no idea how a motor works or how to select settings for an impedance relay , its time to crack open a book. There is no shortcut, and I guarantee you will be screwed if you think you just refer to someone else's (or even just your own) without a fundamental understanding of the core concepts. If you understood the core concepts, you wouldn't be asking about if shortcut notes would be OK and avoid the reading. You'd be confident its all you needed.
  3. I'd Concur. But I didn't want to be that guy (or girl... or ze... or organic lifeform thingy? to much PC terms to remember now!)
  4. The NEC is NFPA 70. NFPA 70E is the Electrical Safety Code.
  5. Incorrect. The NEC is NFPA Code 70. A Code is considered part of the NCEES test one (1) year after it has been issued. So 2017 NFPA 70 (NEC) was valid for testing purposes in April 2018. In October of 2017 it was the 2014 edition. Generally speaking, all NFPA codes are 2017 year at this point. Referring to an older code will likely result in the wrong information as sample tests have pointed to tables that have changed between years / editions.
  6. Shut up and mail me my participation trophy!
  7. You need to "wine and dine" them. Offer them the world! Its all about how you ask, and of course the delivery. If you come across as just an another EIT scrub off the street, your never going to get anywhere with them.
  8. If you ask a third time though they give you the real answer you are looking for. its all about persistence!
  9. Szar

    OMG I passed!!!

    of Next Year, mind you. The 2018 Solar Flares will pretty much prevent the Scranton's from being processed this year.
  10. Dont be silly. We already know they regulate the cut score (ie. number of new engineer's) based on how the sun falls upon a dial at Stonehenge at a time determined by a D-20 roll.
  11. I asked a homeless individual on the street. In between the incoherent ramblings about the world being taken over by squirrels he indicated he was very concerned with the NCEES methodology. I presumed he was talking about the scoring methodology. I would never post non-researched and inflammatory material to simply heighten the anxiety of test takers without cause. I trust that homeless individuals insights greatly.
  12. Because its the code + authors comments... As compared to just code...
  13. Unofficial rumors are circulating that this may be the lowest passing percentage to date. Only reason we are hearing about it is because its bringing into question the validity of the NCEES scoring Methodology which is apparently a big deal to some people. Probably wont help you this go around, but perhaps in a cycle it will become clear and something may happen. Maybe in 2021 they will have an updated test or something...
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