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  1. Szar

    Failed PE Power

    What are you applying for?
  2. Szar

    Failed PE Power

    Exempted from what?
  3. Szar

    Electrical Power Industry Salaries

    See, you are going to have a major problems with this type of question. I assume you are looking for work in the nuclear industries but that is VERRRRRRRY different then working outside the fence where the rest of us slobs throw scrappy drawings together (at least according to the Nuclear elitist here ). Nuclear experience will have limited application in the "power industry" as a whole because they operate almost diametrically opposite of each other. Outside Industry is about finding "good enough" and hoping the bean counters don't make you take a step backward for additional cost savings. Nuclear industry is about planning for N+45 with a redundant N+44 system behind it. The Nuclear Industry will have higher salaries and better benefits but is more about paperwork, documentation, and the process. You will be the bane of someone's existence if you try and bring that attitude to a different company. You also need to realize your 3 years experience still makes you very green in most peoples eyes and your PE wont transfer to some states requiring 4+ years experience prior to the PE (and sometimes after the FE like in Pennsylvania) So while I will answer your survey, the answers you get are not going to be helpful because you are missing important information like what industry they are in, the years of experience they have, the geographic location (metro) they work in, etc. Your basically asking a group of random people how much they make and work that into what you "could make". Well, that's my Soap Box. Ill answer your questionnaire shortly!
  4. Szar

    Failed PE Power

    Alright, go on...
  5. Szar

    Failed PE Power

    Im still very curious... what type licence requires you to take the PE but is not for a PE?
  6. Szar

    Review Course

    To be honest, im pretty sure i nailed every code question in this test. But i live the code... and have done multiple projects in almost every chapter so...
  7. Szar

    Failed PE Power

    Please explain... you do not work in this field or have a electrical engineering degree? How did you meet the academic and work experience requirements? And you bought what sounds like at least 3 online study review courses for an exam that doesnt appear to relate to you? I must be confused.
  8. Im glad the Texas Hold'em disaster of 2018 didnt result in repeat of the Alamo.
  9. Szar

    Failed PE Power

    So the value is a condensed study guide. Dont disagree, but not at that price point
  10. Szar

    Failed PE Power

    Do you have thw diagnostic yet?
  11. Szar

    Failed PE Power

    And others passed first time without it, not paying $1300 dollars. It is highly dependent on the time you put in, resources you have, and background in the field. Im highly criticial of online programs.
  12. This is Szar here, a supporting member of engineeringboards.com, and im here to tell you why YOU need to become a supporting member too. Not long ago i was just like you, yearning for beloning and struggling to get my professional licensure. I tried all the gimmicks out there. You know the ones im talking about. Paying the State board bribe for an application, taking a stupid 8 hour exam on random questions not in the syllabus, working long hours studying and buying all these study matetials... yuck! I got zero results just like you! My bank account dwindled, i lost friends, my dog stopped sitting with me. I was lost. But then i found a supporting membership being offered by Engineeringboards.com and my life was changed for ever. For a low cost i found that everything that was wrong in my life turned around for the best. All that gimmicky stuff that had no results? Bam, two weeks after joining i get a letter from my state saying i was approved for an engineering licence! Now thats what i call timely results!! (Results may not be typical) would have done this years ago if i knew! Heck, they even saw i had no kids and now I have new born daughter! (Results may not be typical) Talk about going the extra mile for benefits they dont even list! Do yourself a favor and skip all the gimmicks and just become a supporting member today! You wont regret it!
  13. Szar

    April 2018 Results Map

    Nh is out! 11:18 est
  14. Szar

    Guess the date!

    Yall just need something else to focus on. Like becoming a new dad!
  15. Szar

    Guess the date!

    Trust your first reaction. You did great. No need to worry!