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  1. Szar

    Chapters to study Wildi's Book

    I did not find them critical but if you have time, do them. They reinforce concepts but don't hold yourself up on them. Its an 80 problem test and there are only so many questions associated with each topic. Ultimately make sure you get the actual sample test problems first.
  2. Wildi wasn't making a academic book or even a test reference. The man was arguably genius level and wanted to impart everything he learned in the course of his career in a way that technicians could understand and use to advance themselves in a strait forward way. That is why its so light on calculations (and uses simplifications, rules of thumb, or condensed equations)... we aren't his target audience. Kind of speaks to how good of a reference it is though when Engineer's studying for their professional exam can use a 60 year technicians reference!
  3. Or if they are full of ####, or have 40 years in the industry. Too many variables, so just worry about what you can control!
  4. I would not recommend the book problems found in the technical books like Power System Analysis. They are great for academic study, but very poor test problems. (At least I thought so)
  5. Don't worry. Once you pass you will forget almost all of it and wonder why you wasted your time studying so much unrelated garbage to the job you currently have, and the job after that, and quite possibly the job after that. But when you open up your own Company in 30 years because your tired of working for idiots, just remember the PE is the tool you needed to get the license to be an owner / operator of a company providing engineering services! And that may make it all better!
  6. Szar

    Complex Imaginary Test 1, Problem 69 error?

    The CI answer is incorrect. Under normal design considerations without a specific circumstance or exemption listed that would prevent the next largest OCPD from being used as indicated in 240.4(B)... 200A is the correct answer. It is the largest OCPD that can be used with the information given. If they wanted the answer to be 180A, the answer should have been restricted in scope with additional information provided in the question. What the others above are talking about is a good design practice of not using 2404(B) for sizing conductors / protection for *motors and transformers specifically* as it provides a more conservative / robust design and alleviates most of the common nuisance issues allowing the designer to expedite the design process. With that said, the absolute correct way of protecting a transformer / motor and its conductors is by using the time current curves of all the components plotted against the trip curve. But in the office... this is rarely done for small size units. (In regards to the answer the NCEES would want to see... there is no reason to expect they would want you to ignore code from another section unless specifically stated in the problem. Code allowing it trumps "good design"... But that is just my 2 cents. Good Design is subjective, as for instance, what if the primary concern for the project was economic in nature?) (Edit)
  7. Szar

    What is allowed in exam

    This is a pretty high stakes exam. Sure, you be fine in most cases and no one questions it. But if the specter of irregularities is ever raised, do you want to be in that position of having to defend a choice you were flatly warned against in a fight against corporate entity who is know to kill first, never ask questions later?
  8. Szar

    Delt Configuration

    I'm assuming that sketch is supposed to be a center tap on the 480V delta leg?
  9. Szar

    Chapters to study Wildi's Book

    I actually found the Wildi's book to be mostly / entirely relevant. Its also not heavily theoretical and worded in simple language making it easy to breeze through. If you can manage... Id recommend it all. The other book, Power System Analysis..., now that I'd recommend just finding a replacement in its entirety for. Granted I think I had an older edition... its difficult to read and also not fun to read.
  10. Szar

    Voltage drop equation confusion

    If the question asks for the NEC, you use the NEC. If the question doesn't ask for the NEC, you use Ohms Law (with impedance).
  11. I'm guessing Rebecca B and her boyfriend broke up... she hasn't logged in since the Friday she made this post. No more then 5 minutes after she made her post none the less!
  12. I don't believe I offered any material for sale... I think you are talking about Surf and Snow. Unless you are asking for copyrighted material or similar. My mailing address is 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20535. Please address it to the Intelligence Division (i know, Its a corny pet name I have!). Just put your request in Letter form, specifically asking what you want copyrighted material you want me to send you, preferably with accurate Return address and Photo ID for your safety. I'll respond as soon as possible. (Please don't actually do this...)
  13. I'd recommend all of them. Every test you have time to take. They all emphasize different skill sets and knowledge. For me, the least useful was the NEC Code Drill , but I've used the NEC every day for the past 11 years. Its kind of my thing. Just realize the problems in the sample exams are designed to reinforce skills and are not actually representative of all the problems you will see on the test. Majority will be more "academic" like and the sample exams are heavy into helping you learn a subject matter or reinforce it. I really cant get into much more detail then that regarding how they compare. Most find they the problems are "simpler" though (in general) then actual NCEES test problems. The only exception being the NCEES sample exam... being that is the NCEES sample exam. Problems will represent the test per their own advertisement. Changes
  14. It should be noted that no sample exam will take you 8 hours to complete. The majority of the sample exams are rudimentary / fundamental and can be completed (both their "morning" and "afternoon" sessions) in about 3-4 hours time. Some even quicker. Still, its a enormous time sink, but only half as bad as you think it is!
  15. Unless he gets the NCEES Survey email a week or two after the test date. If he gets that, NCEES was so disappointed in his test score they actually lit in on fire and threw it in the trash bin out of disgust. (There may or may not be maniacal laughter in the background as they dance around it with pointy spears chanting.) Get him started on studying again for the next session ASAP.