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  1. I was 38 when I took the PE (Power) last April for the first time and passed. I wasn't really planning on taking the PE but a co-worker was and the company was paying for everything so I thought what the heck. I had to overnight my application to my state board to get it there on the last day you could apply. I graduated in 2006 (BSEE). I went to college right out of high school and flunked out in the first year. I then worked construction and completed an apprenticeship program. After that I went back to school with a slightly different attitude and did rather well. I took the FE while in school.
  2. I'm the same as above. I took and passed in April. I didn't decide to take the PE till January of this year. I wanted to see how cheaply I could prepare for the exam, which was kind of stupid considering my company paid for everything. Because of work I already had most of the relevant code books. I immediately found this site which is where I saw recommendations for the Graffeo book. It seemed like a decent value. I read through it first and did the problems in the back of the book. I bought the NCEES test which I saved for mock exams close to test time. I found engproguides via google and bought the guide and exam. I printed out at work and put it in a binder. For the price I figured why not. Anyways I created my own table of contents for the engpro study guide. It's a word doc that I can email to whoever might want it. My TOC is nothing phenomenal, but it helped me and another guy here at work who also took the exam. I created a binder tab at the beginning of each section of the guide. My TOC gets you to the right section and then the TOC at the beginning of each section of the guide gets you to the correct page. Graffeo and the engpro guide were my main two references not including the NEC. I had plenty of others but I used them the most. I also bought the cheapest copies I could find of Blackburn, Wildi, and Grainger. As a side note I found doing a couple mock exams a month and a week prior to the actual exam were very useful for training the brain. I think mental stamina is what makes the afternoon part seem harder for most people. .
  3. You should have looked at her with a straight face and said "You wasted a whole night !?!".
  4. I don't know what your discipline is but Megger and AVO Training Institute both have free monthly webinars that are worth one pdh each. Megger did one last month on harmonics that I found interesting.
  5. I took the FE like 12 years ago. I don't know if that's why?
  6. I absolutely agree. I feel like for me 25% of it was up to luck.
  7. I'm so very happy that I'll never have to study ever again for the rest of my life.
  8. Just heard from a buddy that VA is out.
  9. I would rather be a PE...
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