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  1. GordyJ

    Texas Results

    78 for me as well. We all get 78's, hooray!
  2. GordyJ

    Texas Results

    I strongly advise that you attempt the final pencil and paper administration in October. The ME Reference Manual is all you will have at your disposal during the computer (CBT) testing, and from what I've read, it leaves much to be desired.
  3. GordyJ

    Texas Results

    Agreed. Coming from a repeat taker, I assure you it will be much more rewarding when you pass the October exam.
  4. I also recommend SlayThePE! Great study material and awesome customer service to boot!
  5. But doesn't the notification of results email have to come during NCEES business hours?
  6. Way to go! You seemed very well prepared leading up to the exam. Now pray for your TFS buddy down in TX : )
  7. With regards to these 11 jurisdictions, are we only talking structural (e.g., structural plans can't be stamped by someone who didn't pass the structural exam) or does this apply to all disciplines? Knowing these specific states would be helpful for folks seeking reciprocity down the line.
  8. I appreciate the write-up but have always been perplexed by folks who work the same problems many times over. Once I know the "trick" to a problem (or superfluous information), I don't see much value in reworking it more than once or twice. But maybe that's just me....
  9. Yeah I'm exaggerating, should be more like 6.
  10. Yes, I agree with the OP regarding the fairness of the exam. I'm a second time taker and it definitely didn't give me as much trouble as the last administration, although I'm obviously better prepared now. It's gonna be a fun 8 weeks of waiting!
  11. Hi Slay, do you think it's important that your practice exam is first attempted in an exam-like setting? 

    This was my plan, but I don't want to take it too soon before the exam, struggle, and not give you guys enough time to answer questions (via email) about specific problems.

    From what I understand, your exam is excellent and although it may be harder than the PE, it's effective at driving home core concepts.  With that said, maybe it isn't so bad to start on it early to make sure I give each problem a shot.  Then after that first run through, I can re-take it in a more timed setting.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    1. Slay the P.E.

      Slay the P.E.

      Hi Gordy,

      Thanks for reaching out. Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I didn't know about this feature where people can write on my "feed" here in EB. I didn't get a notification, so I just noticed this.

      It really depends. Some people have used the exam as a study tool by itself and as such, work a few problems at a time. This way, they feel OK if they spend 10 or 15 minutes with a problem presenting an unfamiliar aspect of a particular topic.

      Others have taken it in exam setting. I say, you may do that once you feel you've studied quite a bit and you have a couple of weeks to spare before test day. That way, if the exam brings up something you didn't know about then reviewing it will not be so stressful. I feel though, that "exam setting" might be too much of a commitment. I'd rather people do that with the NCEES practice exam.

      Don't worry about not having time to receive answers on questions you might have. It is our experience that those that purchase the solutions have minimal questions about them. We deliberately provided a very high level of detail in those solutions so that they would be quite self-explanatory. Nevertheless, when customers have a question we answer that email very quickly.



    2. GordyJ


      Excellent reply, this is exactly what I wanted to hear.  You hit the nail on the head with regards to approaching it in an exam setting, but only 2+ weeks ahead of time after adequate preparation. 

      The reason I asked in the first place is because a) good practice exams are hard to come by, b) re-working 80 problems in 8 hrs that you've done before (e.g., NCEES) doesn't seem like a true "simulation" of the exam, and c) blocking off 8 hours on a weekend can be tricky.

      Long story short, I am looking forward to purchasing your practice exam within the next week.

      Thanks, Slay!


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