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  1. Curriculum wise it seems to vary by class... I took a power systems protection class and it was quite basic and I took a power system stability class that was very complex... I'd say if you stick to the 800 level classes you'll get quite a bit of insite on things even after 10 years in industry.
  2. I'm currently finishing up the program at Kansas State. I've had a pretty good experience and would say it's worth the money I'm paying for it (which is nothing due to company reimbursement) But in all seriousness they have been great to work with and have been very accommodating of my work schedule, can't recommend them enough.
  3. If you're asked to size a breaker I would see that strictly as an NEC question. They typically will say "in accordance with the 20XX NEC" though so that should help. The only way I see them asking for the size of a breaker and it being a protection question is if they give you several sizes of breaker in the answers and you have to pick the right breaker that coordinates with the rest of the system.
  4. not sure if it's worse but Kansas has 3.2 beer in grocery and convenience stores... which is really just taunting us. I'd rather it not be there at all than have to look at the sad shell of greatness that is 3.2 beer.
  5. yeah I can't recommend highly enough the need for pitching a whole bunch of healthy yeast (I make a starter for every batch I do regardless of gravity) and pure O2 when pitching... I have never had an issue with a beer not finishing out and most all fermentation flaws went away as well.
  6. Ahh true, british pale might be very forgiving of your temp constraints then... I've heard of people making kolschs up to high 60s before and they claim that they taste just fine... never done it myself though
  7. Kolsh is always a go-to in the summer for me. that or a bitter or some sort
  8. What I mean is that they have currently licensed PEs that the exam to help determine the relative difficulty of the exam, and I would imagine that they are given some advanced notice that they will be taking the exam. All I'm getting at it if you thought the test was overly difficult, and everyone else thought it was overly difficult then that will likely be reflected in a lower cut score. It sounds like this one was a little harder than normal, so they'll account for it, no need to worry.
  9. My favorite comment was that PEs today wouldn't pass the 4/13 exam... FYI Current PEs performance on the 4/13 exam is a big part of setting the cut score...
  10. personally I can't imagine a CBT Power exam being any easier than the current format. The one reference material fits all format would be scary to me, especially on conceptual topics and topics that I have a hard time grasping. I'd say if this time doesn't go the way you'd like I'd say use the diagnostics that they give you, along with the experience you have from this test to go crush the test next time. I must say though, from the interactions we've had prior to the test and your posts after, I have a feeling that this topic will be irrelevant to you in a few weeks. Hang in there the next few weeks and start making plans then. But in my opinion the CBT exam is not the answer.
  11. I'm pretty sure it wasn't until maybe 4 weeks out that I got the survey... and I passed. Not sure about those who get early surveys but from what I read that's not a good thing.
  12. nah, you're looking more like last week of may I'd bet. maybe the week before if they are quick about it... which they are not.
  13. This was exactly how i felt last October, I use the boxing analogy everytime someone asks what the PE exam is like. I had a similar scoring system, mine was 90% for confident answers, 50% for 50/50 and 25% for guesses. I think I remember after the test calculating 78% on how I felt. Ended up with an 85. Looks like your score would have been around 75% by my scoring, I'd feel pretty damn good about this.
  14. Also something I was not ready for: I opened up the test and panicked thinking "I don't know any of these", it felt like a right hook in a prize fight. After going through the test and gaining confidence with those easy ones I was able to go back and look at the ones that I was sure I didn't know and re-read and formulate strategies for answering them. Just be prepared for a 12-round fight even if the first handful of questions knock you down.
  15. This was my strategy: First go through the test and answer every question that you can do in under 10 seconds, it's something you just know you don't have to look anything up... there should be a few of these. Next go through and answer ever question you can do in under 1 minute. These questions either require a simple look-up in your reference materials or require a formula you just need to look up. Then answer any longer question that you feel confident you can get with a few minutes of time to look at your reference or formulate a solution, these also include NEC or NESC questions that require some digging through code Last hit up the few questions that you have no idea on and will be digging through reference materials desperately finding anything to grasp onto. I finished both sessions in 2-3 hours using this method and passed comfortably.
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