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  1. I know. I took the exam last April. Maybe you guys will get lucky with an early release...I've heard it may happen
  2. Sorry Bro-cacho. Results will come out the Friday before memorial day. Just in time to ruin your long weekend.
  3. Yes but last exam cycle NCEES mentioned a faster turnaround for exam results
  4. results will come early this round, as they are pushing to transition to CBT.
  5. You can buy it online for a ridiculous price, but its no different than the others. Don't waste your money...
  6. affidavit or it didnt happen
  7. You sound like the kind of guy I want to party with.
  8. why only one more chance? plenty of people take it more than a few times
  9. yea...scroll up... edit*yes, past pass rates are on here
  10. @vee043324 of course you pass!
  11. Yea I felt bad for you guys!
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