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  1. ME_VT

    Random Topics 3.1

    It hasn't been 8 weeks yet.
  2. ME_VT

    Random Topics 3.1

    My PE application has disappeared into the abyss that is the California Board...Never to be seen or heard of again...
  3. Nice. I helped with the design of the new Lawsons Brewery in Warren.
  4. ME_VT

    How many references are you bringing?

    whats a steam table?
  5. Just go bananas and stamp whatever you want...
  6. Pass rate was 70%. I'd imagine they are all very similar.
  7. ME_VT

    Please delete my account

    I'm going to tell your probation officer that you're online...
  8. ME_VT

    Mistake on TFS Sample Test?

    Get on the bus, I’m taking you to school. You don’t end up with that. Convert GPM to ft3/s, use the specific gravity to find your specific weight, multiply by feet of head and convert to HP. And yes. The term feet of water is confusing, but that’s one correct form of the equation. The other is what SAcme said.
  9. ME_VT

    Mistake on TFS Sample Test?

    hydraulic horsepower = volumetric flow rate * the specific weight of the fluid * the Pump or turbine head which gives you an answer in ft-lb/sec , divide by 550 to convert to HP
  10. ME_VT

    Mistake on TFS Sample Test?

    You should email Doctor Tom. Also, Revoke my passing PE exam score because I used that equation about 27 times during the exam...
  11. ME_VT

    Mistake on TFS Sample Test?

    (volumetric flow rate * specific weight of fluid * Pump head)/550 edit* if the fluid was water, specific gravity is 1, so its not included...
  12. Me: I want to travel. Bank Account: "Like, to work?"
  13. Where is @canadagoose
  14. ME_VT

    Random Topics 3.1

    I only did the spin because I nailed the wave...