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  1. Hmmmm..I don't think so..You really don't need those huge diagrams. What I would suggest is that, during the course of your study, try using the reference material with your desktop! That sucks but it will greatly help you prep for the CBT.
  2. How is PM session this October? Because back in April test the PM session was a breeze for me it was like 2 times lot easier than the AM. And the AM session in April exam was fair, it was not that hard. And btw, you should expect ofcourse lots of pump problems, around 30-40%. The following weeks will be your roller coaster. Best of luck!
  3. Tomorrow is your big day. Today, go walk in the park for some fresh air, run 10 miles and give your calculators a break. Go eat your favorite meal, relax, drink a glass of wine, sleep early and pray. Good luck everyone!
  4. Roughly 3 weeks before the big day. I still remember how I am feeling at during this time. hmmmmmm, please practice your speed! By now, you guys should be finishing the whole 6MS book, NCEES practice book, SlayThePE problem book in 4 hours or less. Once your able to do this, you should be sure passing this test. Also I advice you guys to look back at the previous problems in this thread. Thanks to @Slay the P.E.!
  5. Congrats! But damn! That wait is like when I started to study for the April exam until I get my license here in NY. Was like 5 months or so....
  6. I got the answer, but not joining..I just wonder if someone participated other than Mike ? @Slay the P.E. How many did actually sent PM's now for this? This is so kind of you @Slay the P.E. the discount though, its just, you did not offer this last April! haha!
  7. @Monir just a heads up, I don't think they would be asking questions like this. You gonna have to sweat a little bit with the real exam problems.
  8. Think its time for the weekly problems 😁
  9. It all depends on your style. In my case, I just go straight answer the problems. If I don't know how to solve it after reading 1st time I skip it and return to it if I still have time. And if I do know how to solve it, even though I know its like level 3 or higher problem, I will still go and solve it and move on. Based on my experience from taking more than 30 licensure and certifications combined, if you go through the problems and grade them, it tends to throw in a lot of information in your brain at a very short period of time and that can mess up your brain in a sense. I've heard from some who are repeat takers that, on the first look they know how to answer the problem, but when they get back to it to answer it, they couldn't understand why they can't get the answer to come out, something is missing. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Then they got upset about it and end up spending a lot of time solving one simple problem. They end up failing the test because the 6 minute per problem got stretched to 15 minutes on some of the problems and still can't figure out the answer. So my advice is for you to answer the problem in order. Skip what ever problem you can't answer and come back to it if you still have time left because once you saw a problem that you don't know, 90% of the time, you won't be able to answer them.
  10. I see its just a little lower than the previous passing rate.
  11. Just making a survey here, for those who are repeat takers, just want to know what are your thoughts on the April 2018 exam? Is this more difficult than the previous exams? I have heard of people saying this April 2018 exam is very hard than previous exams.
  12. Me: Entropy, Enthalpy, Polytropic, Adiabatic, Carnot Cycle, Re-heat Regen Cycle, Gas Turnine - Steam cogen.. Easy! Deflection, Kinematics, Vibration Tri-Axialllalalal Stressss what??? lol
  13. I guess you should listen to us here, as we have so many discussion prior to this post and we just passed the PE exam 1st try this April. IMHO, you are reading the problem incorrectly and over thinking it. It is clearly stated in the problem "total differential head" that is your keyword right there, what is this head? This is your hA right? What is the basis of hA in that equation? YES its water. So why do you have to convert this again when its already in terms of FEET which is what you need in the equation. Use that equation in the table of MERM and BTW my memorized and favorite one out of the 4 equation in that table for WHP. That is = hA x Q(GPM) x S.G. / 3960 That's it. And BTW just a tip memorize this number 0.002228 your best buddy for GPM conversion to CFS and so on. EDIT: I don't even know why they put this kind of problem in the NCEES practice exam, its kinda so plug and chug grade 1 question where I always think before I took the exam "would they really ask" these kinds of problems in the real exam??? LMAO its sooo "Plug and Chug Bae"
  14. It was back in 2014. When I called them, the lady I spoke to looked through my files to check if everything is good to go. Then yeah she said they are putting up the grades already at that time and said they will process it in the order it was received? And yes, I got that standard response 4-6weeks I should get my license #. But a week later after than phone call I got mine.
  15. Did you try to call them and ask whats the reason behind this 11month wait? I got mine exactly 4 weeks after getting the passing result.
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