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  1. Power here. I made educated guesses (or narrowed it down to 2 choices) on 2-3 questions, I felt like I had an answer for the others. I finished early both sessions and was very confident walking out. But I have 10 years experience, took a prep class, and put in ~200 hours over 4 months. I also spent a lot on reference materials, knowing my company would reimburse if I passed.
  2. I also just passed first time, and I agree with all of this. I'll post something similar when I get home.
  3. The Georgia Tech online class was absolutely critical for me, I doubt I would have passed without it. I'd highly recommend an online course, especially if you can get reimbursed. Even if not, I think it's worth it just to increase your odds of passing. I'm a civil engineer by education and a photovoltaic designer by experience, so there were a lot of gaps I needed to fill in. I passed April 2019 the first time around.
  4. I typically use the handbook at work, but brought both (I know there really wasn't much need for that). My company has a bunch of each and didn't mind me taking them for a day. I'm lucky on the code sections in that I work with the NEC regularly. But I still had to study a decent amount for motors and other sections that I don't use at work, especially since my field (PV) is relatively narrow and specialized. There were also at least one or two off-the-wall code questions that I feel there was no way to prep for besides knowing the overall structure of the NEC.
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