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  1. Last SPAM for the week. I head out tomorrow to a conference held on the Chesapeake Bay. Two days of crabs on the company card 😎
  2. I was just thinking that it looks like a whole bunch of people don't want their results before New Years...
  3. Woooo! Happy to be back around! I took a summer class and two classes this semester to make up for taking a semester off for the PE, so I kinda disappeared for a bit. Related, Sunday night homework SPAM
  4. Aw thanks! Such a happy lil construction pup
  5. Hey dudes! First SPAM I get to contribute to while not waiting in suspense for results
  6. @Szar Or NC State 😉 Obviously I don't have experience anywhere else, but NC State has a really great setup for distance students.
  7. Interesting... my classes are hardly any programming (just problems similar to the PE). I wonder if that has something to do with it? I'm taking a numerical methods class this summer and it's all programming... definitely my most time-consuming class yet. YES I've had both awesome and terrible group projects in grad school, and it all comes down to whether the group members are full time students or working professionals. The professionals always had their stuff done ahead of time without being asked, and would take more than their share if they were able. I had to play serious project manager with the students.
  8. You mentioned using your evenings, so I assume you intend to do a degree part time while working? Right now I'm doing an online masters degree for geotech engineering, 1 class per semester. I took a semester off to study for the PE exam, so I can offer a pretty good comparison between the two. (FWIW, the masters degree is not going to help me all that much in my current engineering job - I'm pursuing it mostly to open up teaching jobs in the next couple years.) The PE definitely demanded more hours of my time per week. I needed to consciously reserve time on my evenings, weekends, and lunch breaks to study and prepare. In contrast, I can keep on top of my masters work with about 2 hours of lecture-watching per week, plus maybe 3 or 4 more on when I have homework. It's much more manageable, and I can frequently get it all done during lunch breaks alone. (Of course, you may experience more or less work than this, depending on the program, class, professor, your own study style, etc. My husband is also doing an online masters and spends MAYBE 30 minutes per week. I have another friend doing an online masters and he spends 10+ per week. All in all, though, I think my 2-6 hours per week is pretty typical) Here's the flipside: I was able to make my own schedule much more when studying for the PE. If I knew I was going to be busy during a week, I could double up before or after to make up for it. With grad classes, you're at the mercy of homework and project deadlines, not to mention your own teacher's preferences for when assignments and lectures are posted. Not a huge deal, but it's certainly less flexible than PE studying. The other thing? GROUP PROJECTS. I would rather take the PE again than do another group project. You think I'm joking? Here's my takeaway: you're already in the habit of reserving large amounts of time during your week for not-so-fun studying, so you're already familiar with the time commitment and discipline it takes. Give or take a couple hours each week, do you think that schedule would be sustainable for the next 4 or 5 years? If so, I'd say go for it.
  9. Update: Just got an email to download my license. Yep, license number is the same as my EIT number! Still no change in the license lookup, but maybe that's slower to update
  10. I paid on Friday afternoon, so I didn't expect any change until today. I'm curious about where @Jimbo Three is at too.
  11. Mine is a 43xxx, and when I search it, it comes up as EIT, and under my maiden name. I think that's only the case for my because I took the FE in MD. I would have thought they would have given a new license number, rather than reused my EIT number.
  12. Got mine... Do you show up on the roster search yet?
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