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  1. Also if you eventually give up, all your past input and family support will all gone... Most of us here are all reasonable persons, so believe in yourself. Maybe you should only try new prep material.
  2. Special and big congrat.... ฅ( ̳• ◡ • ̳)ฅ
  3. Apr 5th? Oh...i thought it was lets play...
  4. Exam was 26th right, two weeks from now?
  5. Too early for this game...
  7. This game is getting cold, why???
  8. Congrattt... ฅ( ̳• ◡ • ̳)
  9. That what I am trying since May. However... you know....
  10. Staff are out of office and today TBPE is closed for Day of Mourning.... Just FYI guys...
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