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  1. a4u2fear

    CBT Power PE Exam 2021

    how has it changed in difficulty for the other PE exams that have done it already?
  2. a4u2fear

    Reference Material to take it exam room

    You'll never know how much time you will have...you may have lots of it, therefore, if you can carry it - bring it
  3. a4u2fear

    Reference Material to take it exam room

    Bring anything and everything. I had 100 lbs of stuff. I looked through it all. There were weird questions and equipment I had never heard of before. You will search every index of every book. I also found an extremely discrete example in one of my books that helped me solve an exam question. You never know, I could've passed by 1 problem.
  4. a4u2fear

    Time Management

    I posted this elsewhere from my feelings: Very Easy 5 Easy 10 Medium 50 Hard 10 Very Hard 5 (no clue/straight guesses) Very easy were answered maybe less than 30 seconds - includes reading, answering, no lookup or simple calculator. Easy were no lookups but maybe more reading or more calculation Medium includes NEC and lookups Hard + very hard were lots of lookups NEC questions definitely took up the majority of the time; also since there were so many, but because even if you know where to look it's still time consuming. But you know the ansewr is there if you can find it, you must do well on these, I'd say at least 10/12 or more It's all relative. It could be a simple word question but you've never seen that piece of equipment before and spend time going through each book ad nauseum.....while someone else knows it and they finish it in less than 30 seconds.
  5. a4u2fear

    Organizing Practice exams

    Here's what I did the second time I took the exam that I thought worked really well. For both exams, I had a cheat sheet, but I also had highlighted problems in practice exams that I wanted to study and stick out during the exam. But after studying for two exams, I found things that I was so so on the first exam, I knew now. So here's what I did, I went through each practice exam, i.e. say Complex Imaginary, and I went through each and every problem and if I thought I may need it during the exam, I made a list in Microsoft Excel and put what page it was on and what type of question it was. I printed this and put it on the cover of every large book. This way I could reference tha tlist and save myself from scanning through the entire book for that one question.
  6. a4u2fear

    Wildi: Ind. Motor

    I hear ya... I remember being annoyed with this as well, I think I saw the exact same thing/equation in Graffeo? What I would say, is I would expect any type of question regarding motor current to be an NEC lookup; which in your case, using the NEC I see the FLC = 118A. I think most of the NCEES sample exam questions involving motors were direct lookups from the NEC.
  7. a4u2fear

    Useful Link

    Yes I would call it useful, exactly how i did, and here are the sections - wasn't aware i had to be this specific Chapter 5 - Three phase power systems (PDF, 1.82 MB) Chapter 6 - Transmission lines (PDF, 2.92 MB) Chapter 7 - Rotating machines (PDF, 1.13 MB) Chapter 5 - Worked solutions to some of the Chapter 5 problems (PDF, 167kB) Transformers - Some miscellaneous notes about transformers (PDF, 289kB) to roy - you are right
  8. a4u2fear

    Useful Link

    http://engr.case.edu/merat_francis/eit/home.html I wanted as much information as possible, this site provided some useful problems, hopefully someone finds it worthwhile
  9. a4u2fear

    PPI Learning Hub

    my only experience with PPI is with the FE. i had studied for months, decided to take their practice FE exam 1 week before the real exam (it is timed etc). I got 20-30 questions in and completely stopped. it was way harder, way harder that i thought it would be, way harder than the NCEES practice exam, and most of the things i studied. i was so beaten i said, well, if this is how hard the real FE is i guess i can't pass and it's not for me. a week later i took the FE and got nearly 100% in the morning section and did ok in the afternoon and passed first try. night and day difference between the difficulty levels. i've seen a few practice problems along with the way from PPI on the PE and in my opinion, they are not on par with the real exam.
  10. a4u2fear

    Phase shift

    you are confusing yourself, and maybe others. a three phase system only has two possible sequences, abc and cba (abc in reverse) as i've stated above, ABC positive (abc) and ABC negative (cba) are typically the only ways these are spoken about. in all of the problems i've done, i've only seen it stated ABC positive or ABC negative. If you are given the phases with angles then it is meaningless anyway to think about the terminology.
  11. a4u2fear

    Phase shift

    I have never seen it described like you have it. Most references (think counter clock wise): ABC positive is A<0, B<-120, C<120 (A leads B, B leads C, C leads A) ABC negative is A<0, B<120, C<-120 (C leads B, B leads A, A leads C)
  12. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    got mine. taking a break from this website for a while. good job to all who passed.
  13. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    haha, me too, hopefully soon and same day
  14. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    100580, I saw some F's and G's. Probably more of those today.
  15. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    i check the numbers and add one and see who it is. They appear to go in alphabetical order. They're on C/D it appears