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  1. a4u2fear

    Preparation for October 2018 Power PE Exam

    i am in the same boat. it's near impossible to study at home with kids yelling/crying wife yelling at them. and working full time.... what's discouraging sometimes too is some of the practice problems in books/sites are soo lengthy and difficult. It's necessary to work through them to see all angles that could be asked in a problem but I need to remind myself they won't be that long and difficult on the real exam.
  2. a4u2fear

    Chapters to study Wildi's Book

    that is a good recap. i generally followed the same thing. but i would say, do not ignore too much generators. the analytical questions on the exam might be difficult if you ignore it.
  3. a4u2fear

    What is allowed in exam

    i brought and will bring again, plenty of notes and paper with pencil on them. they provide a pencil during the exam and you CANNOT write on anything but the test booklet during the exam. of course you can write on the question paper during the exam, how else would you plan on solving the problems?
  4. a4u2fear

    Preparation for October 2018 Power PE Exam

    one last thing i would mention.....i brought a decent amount of books to the exam, some i hadn't opened in a while, and 1-2 that i had opened maybe once since owning them a good idea to do, maybe a week or two before the exam, go through everything you're bringing, even if quickly. you'll never know what you'll remember (sample problem or section) and if you don't ever see it, you may not know it's there; or you may not know where to find it. one question could be the difference between passing and failing
  5. yes i had post it notes in my NEC book to mark pages, no one checked and therefore no one cared.
  6. a4u2fear

    Delt Configuration

    easy. 480/2 * 1.73 = 415
  7. when i took the exam, they didn't check binders or notes at all. i think they just checked calculators. if during the exam you have loose sheets of paper and a proctor notices then i suspect you would be in trouble, or if they notice you writing in one of your books or binders.
  8. a4u2fear

    Chapters to study Wildi's Book

    i've also found this book to be a good resource. I didn't have it prior to failing my first time. i'm glad i have it now i got the solution manual and found that the problems in each chapter are good practice i've skipped a few chapters that are either irrelevant or do not count for much on the exam.
  9. a4u2fear

    Electrical PE Exam - Oct. 2017

    I took the free trial and signed up for a month. I really like their site and teaching styles. The examples seem to be much closer to exam style and "tricky" than most others I've reviewed.
  10. a4u2fear

    NEC Questions

    The NCEES practice exam is very specific on it's NEC questions and states......"According to the 201X NEC..........." then asks the question. I don't remember exactly, but I don't think the actual exam asked the questions in this same manner. I hope this isn't divulging too much but I think it is a legitimate question. I would assume it would follow the same standard, but I feel like I remember not knowing on a question or two to use the NEC or not.
  11. a4u2fear

    Exam Day Strategy

    NY did not look at our notes to see if they were handwritten or in pencil/pen
  12. a4u2fear

    autotransformer question

    Double checking on this - For any conventional transformer, used as an autotransformer, there are a total of FOUR configurations that could be used. i.e. a 480/120 could be used as a 480/600 or 480/360 or 120/600 or 120/360 Anyone disagree?
  13. a4u2fear

    Transformer Question 2

    Thanks rg1. appreciate the help
  14. a4u2fear

    Transformer Question 2

    Ugh feel annoyed I can't solve this.... help! This feels like a good question for the exam
  15. a4u2fear

    autotransformer question

    Thanks Szar for your response. However, I'm still not getting it. I've gone through all the examples I can find, and all the literature on it I can find. I have no issues calculating the right answers for Boost configurations. For Buck, sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't. The books and literature seem to show Sauto = Sw(Nc+Nse)/Nse This formula works when I'm doing a buck circuit, but not when the input voltage is the same as the original transformer. i.e. That formula doesn't work when 480/120 used as a 480/360, or when a 600/120 is used as a 600/480 It does work when a 480/120 is used as a 600/480, or a 480/120 is used as a 600/120 And it has worked for every boost problem (Sauto = Sw(Nc+Nse)/Nc Maybe I'm not understanding the fundamentals? There's not enough examples on the internet or if there are the solutions are weak. Maybe I need photos to see what I'm missing.