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  1. it is the ONLY indicator we know of passing/failing this early in the game.
  2. did anyone get the dreaded survey after the exam? it almost certainly means you failed - NCEES looks to gather info from the non-passing test takers. the one time i failed i got it, when i passed i didn't receive it. hopefully none of you already failed.
  3. Hate to be that guy, but if everyone thinks it was "easier" then you can surely expect the passing grade to go up?
  4. let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. must be a real timid group that just took it. usually there is something posted and there's nothinggggg
  5. Good lucky everyone. I must say, after taking this twice, passing the second time, I will be looking forward to harassing everyone up until the results are released (as everyone did before me). Even after passing I still visited this site quite often because I was so obsessed with the exam. Now it's less frequent, but I still stop by to see what's going on.
  6. there were literally questions i answered in 15 secs or less. if you are prepared, you will have some very easy ones and you will spend time on the hard ones. I had time to search every index of every book. Now there weren't 10-15 of these questions where I had no clue and was searching for a needle in a haystack, but there were maybe 2-3. And i found the needle on two of them. I work in a very old company and very old power books are laying around. I looked through them and took them if they seemed at all useful. Then skimmed the indexes during exam day for that topic.
  7. Yes, it was normal. I'm sure proctors thought i was a mess. I literally had books all around me and i was ferociously looking through them. I had some at my feet, under my chair, on my desk, behind me, in the suitcase etc. No one complained or asked me to move anything. As long as it wasn't in the walkway I assumed it was fair game.
  8. I am 33 Graduate 2007 Passed FE 1st try Jan 2018 Failed PE 1st try Apr 2018 Passed PE 2nd try Oct 2018
  9. i brought a suitcase and it weighed nearly 100 lbs. But i wasn't leaving any possible resource at home. If you're fast enough, you will have plenty of time to search for that weird question in every book; I did.
  10. how has it changed in difficulty for the other PE exams that have done it already?
  11. You'll never know how much time you will have...you may have lots of it, therefore, if you can carry it - bring it
  12. Bring anything and everything. I had 100 lbs of stuff. I looked through it all. There were weird questions and equipment I had never heard of before. You will search every index of every book. I also found an extremely discrete example in one of my books that helped me solve an exam question. You never know, I could've passed by 1 problem.
  13. I posted this elsewhere from my feelings: Very Easy 5 Easy 10 Medium 50 Hard 10 Very Hard 5 (no clue/straight guesses) Very easy were answered maybe less than 30 seconds - includes reading, answering, no lookup or simple calculator. Easy were no lookups but maybe more reading or more calculation Medium includes NEC and lookups Hard + very hard were lots of lookups NEC questions definitely took up the majority of the time; also since there were so many, but because even if you know where to look it's still time consuming. But you know the ansewr is there if you can find it, you must do well on these, I'd say at least 10/12 or more It's all relative. It could be a simple word question but you've never seen that piece of equipment before and spend time going through each book ad nauseum.....while someone else knows it and they finish it in less than 30 seconds.
  14. Here's what I did the second time I took the exam that I thought worked really well. For both exams, I had a cheat sheet, but I also had highlighted problems in practice exams that I wanted to study and stick out during the exam. But after studying for two exams, I found things that I was so so on the first exam, I knew now. So here's what I did, I went through each practice exam, i.e. say Complex Imaginary, and I went through each and every problem and if I thought I may need it during the exam, I made a list in Microsoft Excel and put what page it was on and what type of question it was. I printed this and put it on the cover of every large book. This way I could reference tha tlist and save myself from scanning through the entire book for that one question.
  15. I hear ya... I remember being annoyed with this as well, I think I saw the exact same thing/equation in Graffeo? What I would say, is I would expect any type of question regarding motor current to be an NEC lookup; which in your case, using the NEC I see the FLC = 118A. I think most of the NCEES sample exam questions involving motors were direct lookups from the NEC.
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