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  1. I asked this of NY a few years ago. They responded with something along the lines of there is no negative to not showing or showing and failing; no refund and you will lose $. I have not heard of anyone being denied the ability to take the test due to multiple failures in NY. I have heard of it in other states. That being said, having failed the exam once and beaten it the second time - taking it and failing it dramatically increased my chances for passing it the second time. If you sit and fail, even if you fail miserably, your next attempt if you take one will be better for it.
  2. I don't get it......the link shows the 100% off coupon, but still has the purchase price and wants a cc.
  3. I agree with you. I think the crane and wattmeter are both good questions for the exam, the others, I didn't waste my time trying to figure out before I took it. I think the wattmeter question if I can remember is just memorizing or looking up those different scenarios. The crane is definitely a relatable question in real life.
  4. Anyone have an october 2018 pencil handy?
  5. i have electric machinery fundamentals (chapman) and theodore wildi's machines, drives, and power systems pdf solutions. both were essential to my studying
  6. Yes, it was incredibly fast, results came out Dec 5 2018, I had mine Dec 11 (online posted). Mail came a little later. I had read horror stories on NY and didn't find it to be the case. And my last name started with K
  7. honestly, i got mine fairly quick, others not so much. i was obsessively looking every day to see if i was licensed, ha
  8. go look at OCT 2018 results threads , it's in there
  9. APR 2019 PASS 58% of 1041 first time takers 39% of 745 repeat takers ~50% of total test takers OCT 2018 PASS 54% of 1033 first time takers 27% of 678 repeat takers ~43% of total test takers Didn't someone say the APR 2019 exam was going to be a little different/easier than those in the past? This may reflect that.
  10. The OP has already succeeded beyond all belief. The survey joke wasn't working so he engineered another. Nice going.
  11. it is the ONLY indicator we know of passing/failing this early in the game.
  12. did anyone get the dreaded survey after the exam? it almost certainly means you failed - NCEES looks to gather info from the non-passing test takers. the one time i failed i got it, when i passed i didn't receive it. hopefully none of you already failed.
  13. Hate to be that guy, but if everyone thinks it was "easier" then you can surely expect the passing grade to go up?
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