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  1. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    got mine. taking a break from this website for a while. good job to all who passed.
  2. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    haha, me too, hopefully soon and same day
  3. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    100580, I saw some F's and G's. Probably more of those today.
  4. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    i check the numbers and add one and see who it is. They appear to go in alphabetical order. They're on C/D it appears
  5. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    I see up to 100552, they are in the "D"s. Hmm, hopefully they move faster this time around!
  6. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    ahhhhh nvm, i figured it out. thanks.
  7. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    I didn't see this get assigned. get an error when i search 100528, where do you see this?
  8. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    his last name starts with an "A"?
  9. a4u2fear

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    Believing this will be the same long wait.......... The last license # I found was 100514 on 12/6
  10. a4u2fear

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    just a healthy reminder not to divulge too much info. what's already been said i would've guessed is "too much"; careful.
  11. a4u2fear

    My Power PE Experience

    I think my breakdown for questions is as follows Very Easy 5 Easy 10 Medium 50 Hard 10 Very Hard 5 (no clue/straight guesses)
  12. a4u2fear

    My Power PE Experience

    I bought the electrical pe review in August, so I could take it for a month, and then study it for a month. It was a great roundout to my studying. His site does a great job of covering everything, and creating different types of quizzes and problems to help you see multiple angles of questions. I also enjoyed his live videos with additional solved problems. In each book on studying it, if I found it made for a great analytical question – I put it into a word document for referencing during exam (not having to look through 3 books to find it). I had a 8-10 page word document containing all these “analytical” type questions I thought may be on the exam. I guess I could provide this if someone wanted. It’s not very well organized, so if you organized it, it could be of great use. In preparing for the second exam. I made a book for each type of question. I wasn’t sure this would work, but in the end I liked it. And when I say book I meant binder. One for protection, one for NEC/NESC, one for 3PH circuits, etc. You get it. In each binder, the first part of it was solved problems, the second part of it would be reading type of material to teach or explain things. I also had a binder of my cheat sheets, including all of the reference cheat sheets from electrical pe review. One binder was also specifically just for electrical PE reviews exam problems that they had after each section they taught. In the binders, I used tabs with a main tab at the front saying what was in each tab. This really worked well during the exam. My last few days before the exam I spent time going through each binder so I knew exactly what was in it. This was KEY for me. I likely had more material than everyone else, but I knew where everything was, and it helped me solve some really bizarre questions I normally wouldn’t have found. I was the test taker who was constantly flipping through material and book by book. Second exam: I carried a medium sized suitcase to the exam. No joke, probably 70-80 lbs of stuff. I had a hard time getting it in and out of the trunk. But I wasn’t going to be short on material. I had stuff spread all over the floor, the counter, and underneath my chair. I needed to access my references, and I needed to do it fast. I found the morning to be “not too bad”. I’m a test taker who likes to find a question they know and start with that; so I will flip by a few till I find one before starting. I finished with maybe an hour left. I then checked my answers, which I didn’t do the first time I took it. I found two mistakes that I fixed (lucky). The afternoon was more difficult. I didn’t have time to go back and check. Only time to stress over ones I hadn’t filled in. There was one that I spent maybe a half hour on. Nothing worked but I knew I had seen it before. Proctor says 10 mins left. Can’t figure it out. Proctor says 5 mins. Nothing working. I take a break, open one last book. Proctor says 1 min. I find it, I’m going so fast I don’t have time to put anything in my calculator wrong and boom, the answer, it matches exactly a multiple choice, and I end my exam thinking, you know what, I’m proud I stayed with that one and figured it out, because it was a bitch. And it was such a rare question I’m sure most people missed it, so I was happy I got it right.
  13. a4u2fear

    NY State

    there is a sticky thread addressing this, "when to add PE to your name"
  14. a4u2fear

    My Power PE Experience

    I would've scored them the same, though my preparation and knowledge were better. I think the April 18 exam was the first with the new material changes? Passing rates dropped from 60+ to now 57 and 54% over the last two. And, 1711 people took the Power Exam, only 741 passed (repeat and 1st time)