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  1. my bad I misunderstood. Somebody from my general counsels will be at office tomorrow, am meeting them there to take care of it. I am fried between end of fiscal year nonsense and waiting for announcement on how long work from home will continue. Was supposed to announce yesterday, but didnt. My guess is they will wait until Thursday afternoon, since Friday is holiday (observed July 4). Rumor is work from home will continue until Tuesday after Labor Day, that will be almost six months.
  2. No it is for doing work along a right of way for a toll road. Toll roads are run by a completely different agency than the non toll roads, and of course different rules
  3. And in a first, I have to get a permit application notarized. Really hard when almost your entire organization is working from home.
  4. I spent last week dealing with crisises. And researching 70 year old construction records on microfilm
  5. Working on weekend to catch up spam
  6. Most of this has been basically throwing bull excrement at wall to see what sticks.
  7. So people at my job are freaking out because a pipe started leaking after 65 years of service. Expected life was 50 years, got 15 years free. Should be doing happy dance or least the Carlton
  8. Nearly every other sport has sharp ratings decline once football season starts. Very noticeable in NASCAR. I never understood why NBA and NHL dont wait until December to start seasons. College football isn;t as prominent then.
  9. I went to my office yesterday to pick up some tools I need for an inspection tomorrow, First time in about three months. Very quiet, but on plus side, getting elevator was fast.
  10. I am that way once hockey playoffs end until football starts. about 6 to 8 week period in summer is my sports dead zone
  11. Was scrolling through TV while eating lunch. Back To School was on. With Robert Downey Jr as an extreme anti capitalist, basically the complete opposite of his Iron Man character Have to put it back on at end to watch the Triple Lindy dive.🙂
  12. would probably put mask thru x-ray machine, use some sort of invisible ink detector on it.
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