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  1. Sounds like we are all set with the 2 books with $140 (including shipping or +/- postage adjustment). Once the snow is gone I get less busy from work, we can arrange PayPal around Jan-10/11. No need to deliver the parcel before you get the money. Tks!
  2. Just saw all your 2 possible offers. Again, I am more interested in $140 for 2 books (the only 2 books I really need it) then if possible, e-mail me to <> so we may discuss about possible PayPal method and the mailing address in Northridge (sorry I am working in Hong-Kong+Taiwan for Bechtel now. But already registered for April 2018 test, so really need those books to get out of the "Vicious Cycle" (LOL). Thank you! 
  3. Again, JUST those 2: (A) Construction Depth Practice Exam 2nd Edition For the Civil PE ($65) (B) Six-Minute Solution for Civil PE Exam: ($85). Really can't afford 3rd. Also not to disturb you but I bought some of the Survey books and passed it 12 yrs ago. Construction is NEW :-(
  4. Thanks for the prompt reply after New Year 2018! (I was waiting for your reply). To be frank, did you read most of the book(s) and simply pass it at 1st attempt? I only have "Civil PE Professional Engineer Exam Construction Module by Ruwan Rajapakse, PE, CCM, CCE, AVS and found ONE book is not that useful. (Books I want: (A) Construction Depth Practice Exam 2nd Edition For the Civil PE ($65) (B) Six-Minute Solution for Civil PE Exam: ($85). (I can probably just afford those 2 books with PayPal....)No CERM required. Was just wondering if any questionnaires appeared in the "Real Test" :-) Again, 2 books, and you may ship them to Northridge CA to my boyfriend's place. Please e-mail me if you want to negotiate with the price and shipping method. Tks!
  5. I am a female engineer with MS in Structural Specialty, and yes, I NEVER passed PM (Afternoon Session) for the PE despite the fact that I've worked for Caltran's Construction Division for almost 3 years (built Rte-57/60 Interchange, Rte-105/605) and I knew exactly which part of the concrete "form-work" layout on my shop-drawing. The thing is, on the NCEES PM-test (Construction Specialty), most of the contents were neither taught at school nor from any existing Textbook. I presume we all need to attend some sort of the "Prep Class" or "Review Class" which help you to "summarize" certain calculation procedure and concept of those CPM (Critical Path Method), Geotech foundation design (probably occupied 15% of the 100% exam content). Just my second opinion after working in the real world for many years yet never give-up :-)
  6. Hello Sir, I am interested in your used books. Now I work overseas (Macau/Hong Kong) yet skipped Civil-PE for almost 8 yrs. All my PPI study materials were out of date. Viewing your selling list: (1) You got 10 books, but I've already have CERM 12th-Ed ;-p shameful) it OK if I just purchase #4~#10 books (totally 7)? (2) I used PayPal to purchase Seismic+Survey books, and it worked fine with for the seller in North Carolina. (3) Will you do Priority-Mail International ($33.95)? Please e-mail me for detail <> as I have budget limit. Many thanks!
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