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    That was certainly my experience. I found that the practice problems were really good, but for example, they might have like five steps to get a solution, while the exam questions might have required three (but might have a twist/trick that the practice problems didn't!). It's like a fun treasure hunt! LOL
  2. kmill23


    I used the 2nd Edition.
  3. kmill23


    I wrote a summary after the April 2018 exam in the 'Consolidated Advice Thread.' Check it out:
  4. kmill23

    FINALLY a P.E.

    Louisiana here.
  5. I'm in environmental, health, and safety management and just obtained my PE in Environmental Engineering. I'm interested in obtaining my CSP certification. I was curious if there were any PEs (environmental especially) who have sat for the ASP and CSP exams. I wonder how the difficulty compares and how much the environmental PE exam prepares for some of the topics on the CSP exam. The CSPs I know say the exams are pretty tough. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  6. kmill23

    FINALLY a P.E.

    Congrats. I just received my license yesterday as well. Same story as you as far as testing goes, etc. Except I screwed up and downloaded application forms in January, so that I could work on the application slowly and methodically and have everything ready to submit as soon as I found out if I passed. I submitted my application ASAP after learning I passed the April 2018 Exam. Unfortunately the board had revised the application form in March! Super minor edits, but they made me redo the application and my personal references. So that pushed me way back. I found out yesterday that my license was officially issued and I'm finally a P.E. as well. The wait made it that much sweeter. . . . or not, but still! 😁
  7. kmill23


    I kind of rushed to take the exam in April 2018 because April 2018 & October 2018 would be the only Environmental PE Exams where the exam is 80 questions and on paper. So, if I failed April at least I would have had a second shot with the same format. I don't see how the environmental exam could be presented with the same question types in a CBT format where the examinee is only allowed to use the NCEES Reference Manual (in its current format). There is no chance I would have passed taking the April 2018 exam using only the current NCEES Reference Manual (I did print it out and bring it with me, but never touched it). I'm interested in seeing how either the exam changes or the reference manual changes. . . . but I'm glad I don't have to experience it firsthand.
  8. kmill23

    Which Pencil to use...

    He could be really ballsy and put the one with no eraser usage and still say: "That there folks is the pencil I used to take and pass the PE Exam. Notice that I didn't erase a single time."
  9. kmill23

    PE passed in Connecticut

    NCEES Dashboard has a link labeled ‘Next Steps’ for me here in Louisiana. If I click the link, it takes me directly to my state board’s website detailing exactly what I need to do based on various scenarios. Is there a similar link for Connecticut?
  10. kmill23


    PM incoming @txjennah. You're awesome!
  11. kmill23


    Congrats to you @timmer1026! Big accomplishment!! It was such a change trying to get back to studying. I took the FE exam during undergrad 10 years ago! So it was challenging. Now, onto the fun part of finishing my application for licensure. I think Environmental Engineers have it a little different where our experience records don't detail 'designed big machine,' 'designed bridge,' 'designed roadways,' etc. So I'm struggling with how to word my experience to reflect the use of engineering principles. Ugh.
  12. kmill23


    I'm curious to know as well. I passed (first attempt) this go around, and I do a ton of multi-media work. I'd say my experience is as broad as anyone's. But breadth of experience only gets you so far; there is no way to be an expert in all areas so early in a career. Therefore you better believe I studied my butt off and I certainly wasn't confident I'd pass.
  13. kmill23

    Celebrating and Venting About Results

    That is why. I took the FE in 2008 and mine doesn't show on my NCEES Dashboard either.
  14. I just wanted to pop in here and give everyone who has posted in this thread a heartfelt THANK YOU! I finally took this exam 10 years after passing the FE, and I had no idea how it would go. I used a ton of advice from this thread and studied my booty off every morning at 4:30AM with a 1-year old at home. I had to get this done in one shot. And I did. So thankful it's over. To add to the thread: Test you took: PE Environmental Engineering Where you took it: Baton Rouge, LA What books you brought with you: Environmental Engineering Reference Manual (bulk of the problems/questions) Intro to Environmental Engineering (Davis & Cornwell)--used extensively in studying. Secondary to the EERM in the exam. A Dictionary of Civil, Water Resources & Environmental Engineering- Friebel (somewhat useful?) My personal binders of solved problems (mostly NCEES Practice Problems and PPI Environmental Engineering Solved Problems and Environmental Engineering Practice PE Exams ) Personal binder with soil remediation information (have no remediation experience, so it was a last-minute hail-mary reference from a co-worker. . . didn't use it) Engineering Unit Conversions by Lindeberg Hazardous Waste Management, Lagrega (found this nearly useless, despite having a ton of recommendations in this thread) Air Pollution Control, Cooper (also found this nearly useless despite the recommendations) Practical Design Calculations for Groundwater and Soil Remediation (didn't use) Environmental Sampling and Analysis: A Practical Guide by Lawrence Keith (found this to be COMPLETELY useless in studying and during the exam, despite multiple recommendations) RCRA Training handbook from training courses I've taken. (Didn't use during exam). DOT Emergency Response Guidebook (didn't use during exam) NCEES Environmental Reference (didn't use) FE Environmental Reference (didn't use) What books you actually used: Environmental Engineering Reference Manual--this was the bulk of use in studying and during the exam. I thought it was extremely valuable; let's just say required. Intro to Environmental Engineering (Davis Cornwell) Engineering Unit Conversions by Lindeberg What books did you wish you brought: I was a nut and bought nearly every book (within reason) that was recommended in this thread. But I found only a few useful. Some were highly recommended and I couldn't find a use for them during studying, but brought them to the exam anyway. When I had time left at the end, I flipped through each of them again and tried like hell to find answers to the unknown trivia questions and STILL couldn't find them useful. To answer the question, I don't know what books would have helped on those types of questions. Luckily I passed and don't have to stress about it. General impression about exam and format: The NCEES practice exams prepared me pretty well. But like I mentioned above, it was the trivia questions that were impossible to prepare for. The calculations were way easier than anything I practiced--in fact, I kept second guessing myself and wondering if I just completely bombed it. With the change to 80 questions, I felt there was PLENTY of time to answer the questions. I left each session early (to beat the rush) after spending plenty of time on every question. I still wonder how some of these trivia questions are to be answered accurately without reading every reference completely and having a photographic memory. Some of the indices in the reference materials are better/worse than others so searching through can sometimes point you in the right direction, but other times it's futile. Advice for future test takers: Like others mentioned, you have to spend a ton of time getting to know your references to know what to use each one for. I found some equations were solving for the same thing were easier to use from one reference vs. another. I made sure to tab the easier one for use during the exam. I also found differences in the way the units worked, etc. which were easier for ME. Find what works for you and stick with it. For instance, I hate converting units of concentration for air problems (ppm to micrograms/liter); I found a straightforward equation that just clicked with me and I used that for every problem that required this calculation. During the exam, I went through and solved the questions I knew how to do immediately. Then I kept going back/forth through the exam working the rest. You'll find plenty that you know right away, then you'll find those that after a couple of looks the solution becomes clear. Don't get flustered by the ones that will take a long time to solve, just mark it for later and move on. Good luck future test takers!
  15. kmill23

    Louisiana Results are Out

    My GOD what a relief. 10 years after passing the FE, I had no idea how it would go. I studied my booty off every morning at 4:30AM with a 1-year old at home. I had to get this done in one shot. So thankful it's over.