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  1. Just wanted to add something about what I did. I just used Dr. Mansour’s Seismic Exam preparation which has all the required references organized. Passed on my first attempt.
  2. Got the pocket ID in addition to the pocket and wall certificate. Loving the way the board recognizes us as Professional Engineers.
  3. Got my wall certificate today
  4. I believe each time we renew the license we will be receiving a new pocket certificate, right?
  5. My pocket certificate just arrived today. Where is my wall certificate???
  6. Did you send the refile application using usps tracking? You can check when they receive it. I had to wait 3 months before I receive the authorization to test email.
  7. You won’t know. Wait until February at least.
  8. http://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/about_us/meetings/materials/20180108_meeting_materials.pdf
  9. Fall State Exam pass Results Statistics posted- Seismic - 44% Surveying - 54%
  10. You are right. The last updated no was 88754 which made me thinking that the list was getting updated. Anyways, Happy Holidays Everyone !!!!
  11. Posted up to 88768. They’re updating the list.
  12. Just got the confirmation email " CONGRATULATIONS !!!"
  13. They sent me the notification the next day.
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