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  1. Kloeb222

    Where's the beef?

    Agreed. I think we had a pretty active group for April 18'. Looking forward to the weekly problems
  2. Kloeb222


    They don't send a physical license.. I thought they did. It is downloaded. I printed it, put a mat behind it and framed it.
  3. Kloeb222


    My license number was posted yesterday! For reference, I mailed my application around June 7th. So it took about 6 weeks. Now to get the physical license and frame it with this damn pencil.
  4. Kloeb222

    MD&M practice problem of the week

    Lol I actually did better in thermo and heat transfer than statics and dynamics in school. Using machine design stuff at work over the last 6 years helped keep the basics relatively fresh in my head and made studying easier. On another note, finally got my license number today great start to a vacation week.
  5. Kloeb222


    Bumping this.. Almost a month since i sent in my application. Anyone know how long it takes?
  6. Excellent post. Pretty much everything you need right here. My approach was very similar (minus Dr. Tom)
  7. Kloeb222


    Finally sent my PE application in to the state. Anyone have any idea how long it takes (Illinois)?
  8. Kloeb222

    MD&M practice problem of the week

    My thoughts exactly. lol. To each their own..
  9. Kloeb222

    MD&M practice problem of the week

    Is anyone else excited for practice problems of the week to start again? lol 😁
  10. Kloeb222

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    i don't have specifics but there was one problem in the April 18' exam that was pretty much just a series of unit conversions. I also used it on many other problems. For 20 bucks or whatever it costs, i think it's well worth it.
  11. Kloeb222

    Finding out Score if I passed?

    Assume?! Pshh i know i did. PROVE ME WRONG BRO!
  12. Kloeb222

    Pe 2018

    Hopefully it works out in your favor. Makes you wonder how many of us that received passing results actually failed but were passed because of an error. hmm..
  13. Kloeb222

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    I took MDM this past April and passed. My most useful references during studying were.... 1. MERM 2. EngProGuides study book 3. Shigleys 4. Tim Kennedy review book 5. DTC youtube videos 6. Lindberg unit conversion book 7. NCEES practice exam 8. EngProGuides practice exam 9. Scott Hart and Kevin Klein practice exam 10. Machinery handbook My most useful references during the exam were.... 1. MERM 2. Machinery Handbook 3. Lindbergh unit conversion book 4. EngProGuides study book I didn't use all of my resources during the exam. The most useful was the MERM. I had it tabbed and highlighted well. Definitely get the unit conversion book. There may be some problems that are pretty much just unit conversions. Come up with a study plan. Work according to the plan and re-evaluate every month or so to make sure you are on track. Try not to get burnt out. Keep a steady pace. Get all the practice exams that you can find. Something that i wish i did was to take a practice exam in a public place... library, school whatever. I did all my studying in my quiet distraction free office. I am generally an anxious person and the exam room setting and crowds of people was distracting for me. I was studying in my quiet little hole for too long lol.
  14. Kloeb222

    MA April 2018 PE Results

    Jeez you guys are still waiting?!?! sry :/
  15. Kloeb222


    I don't expect anything. A PE license isn't required or common for the field I am in (machine design). I took the PE as a personal challenge and to potentially open up future opportunities. Bossman might throw a little cash at me though.