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  1. I'm now running in the mornings since I'm not going to work. Two mile runs at 6 AM, not many people out and it's pretty pleasant. Calves sore and I can definitely "feel" the excess weight, but hopefully this'll knock it down over time. The last time I ran was something like 6 years and 20 lbf ago.
  2. Day 2 of furlough. Not too bad. Just the whole not-getting-paid thing sucks
  3. Nah. I highly doubt they'd have the particular one i'd want. Besides, I wanted to take the boys with me. And if we went to a pawn shop, we wouldn't be able to leave until they walk out with a couple of janky weedeaters or lawn mowers.
  4. I called around to two authorized vendors of a handgun I want to buy and both said they're out and don't know when they'll get more in stock. 😔
  5. Mrs. MS already home schools, but we're hammering away at math right now during the day since that's the weak point. Both mini-MS's do two or three math lessons per day (no, they do not like that at all), piano and / or bass for an hour or two, lots of individual reading, and then group read a book at night. Breaks, snacks, walks, bike rides, trampoline time, yard work, and pet duties dispersed throughout.
  6. That's some straight up bullshit right there.
  7. Soooooooo, you knew you were going to forget to pack lunch... therefore you had more breakfast?
  8. Two fried eggs with cheese on toast
  9. As i read that, I wondered who IS an experienced water cooler painter.
  10. chien chaud avec peanut butter et honey toast a la carte
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! Are you me?
  12. I'm just about over working from home. Can't stay focused and I feel limited when I can't readily see and talk with my group. I need to go in to work a few times each week.
  13. two fried eggs and cheese on toast
  14. I finally "finished" screening in my porch this past weekend. Good news - Now I can work outside without mosquitoes bouncing off me or chickens crapping on the deck. Bad news - dog forgot that we now have screen installed. Pet screen - 1, doggo - 0
  15. well, have you unwrapped it yet? I'm trying to help ya
  16. Can anyone explain WTF my phone's ringer volume always increases whenever I get a notification (email, text, etc...)? Driving me nucking futs. Started after the "upgrade" from ios 12 to 13.3 (iphone 7, btw).
  17. ... or be married for more than five years...
  18. I like the ruffled pattern of the blood splat on the wall. Very nice
  19. They’ve been saying that since Katrina! Oh noes! Let’s panic!!11!!1!
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