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  1. What? Fingering is much more natural. You can actually feel where you are.
  2. No chords on bass. Well, not unless you want to learn chords for the sake of learning chords. Some bassists use just their fingers and some use a pick on the strings. I prefer to just finger them.
  3. Still picking up a few songs here and there on the bass guitar. Some are those that MS1 is learning and some are what I dug into on my own - Another One Bites the Dust, I Ran, Jenny Says, When I Come Around, It's Coming Down, Green Onions, etc... This thing wins on all fronts - it's fun, a great stress reliever, and MS1 and I get to spend time together learning from and watching each other play. I'm still surprised how much kids can absorb and learn in a few short months.
  4. Three fried eggs, coffee, water, line of coke
  5. Showed up on time and got the work done. During the duration of the job, not once did he rob or rape me. 5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  6. Don't know what your situation is, but we didn't have a laundry issue as we had our boys just stay nekkid. They caught on pretty quickly when they needed to go to the bathroom.
  7. You think she could handle all this?
  8. We had strawberries. The chickens liked them.
  9. The dust boot is just some rubber bellows inside the spring. Depending on their condition, you may not even have to lift them up or smush them down. Mine are split so I have easy visuals. My wife's, before the change out, were mostly gone. Just don't act like the Hulk and you can get dirty doing a decent visual.
  10. I'm at 150k on my '09 'rolla - original struts. Wife's '02 Rav has 180k - struts replaced at 170k. At 47k, I'd doubt your struts are an issue. Look under the dust boot of your struts to see if you really have any leaks if you're concerned. Personally, I'd save my $675 and keep rollin'.
  11. So I'm trying to sell a car on Craigslist and I like the anonymous email address stuff CL uses. However, I have someone emailing me and I'd like to respond from my temporary Gmail account / address without my email address being populated in the "from" section of my response email. I guess Gmail automatically does this without any way of changing it. What's the best / easiest way to respond to this dude's email without my actual email address popping up in the "from" section of my email?
  12. Wifey has the Rav4, but it's got a classic spin-on filter. Awesome car
  13. I learned something the first time I changed the filter in my 'rolla. The plastic housing has "gussets" all the way around the base of it where it meets the block. These "gussets" are actually little tabs to keep the damned thing from unscrewing as they hit a metal arm on the block itself if it begins to unscrew. Before I noticed the arm, I thought I was going to break the plastic housing. Once I pulled the arm away, I could easily unscrew it. YMMV
  14. Secret of Mana on occasion
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