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  1. "... f*ck...", said Master slacker as he just got reminded by Outlook that he has a meeting in 15 minutes for which he is unprepared. "Friday! Why hath thou forsaken me?!?!!?!?!"
  2. I don't know what y'all have against pizza parties. I rather enjoy them.
  3. I'll be in Colorado next weekend. I'll update this thread as needed.
  4. Wife challenged a storm drain on Tuesday. She lost. Time for a new tire. Ugh
  5. Going to Colorado at the end of next week! Road trip in one straight shot is the plan. Should be an exhilarating ride... Anywho, going to see wife's sister / her fam as well as her best friend who are both in the Denver area. Should be camping at least three nights in a national park or more depending on how long we can put up with our peeps. I am empty on the details besides that. It's still tank top and sandals weather up there, right? Or will my pee freeze before it hits the ground when nature makes its 2:00 AM call? Inquiring minds want to know.
  6. Cat gimme your paw! God get me a pie! Cat gave me a tart!
  7. Re-done'd the front brakes on the Silver Bullet (my 'rolla) this weekend. The DS brake had been pseudo-stuck and really cooking the rotor for a while. Ended up replacing rotor, hose, pads, caliper piston, piston boot, and slide pin boots on the DS. The PS got the pad, rotor, and slide pin boots treatment. New brake fluid and brakes work like newish. Two weeks I got new tires so now i have no hesitation taking corners with a little spirit.
  8. Three fried eggs, toast, water, and spoonful of Nutella.
  9. $60. Done. Boom.
  10. Reminds me of the time I locked my keys in the car at work. Last week.
  11. Well, I tore the old deck down and built the new deck same time last year. Never said I was smart. "Fall"? Occasionally. Typically, though, trees lose their leaves every year when new leaves push the old ones out of the way. Sissy
  12. I finished building a roof over our deck this weekend. I will never do that sh*t again. At least not in the dead of summer. I survived, but it was f'ing HOT and I'm still feeling like ass.
  13. 3 fried eggs, coffee, water
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