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  1. On the review panel for last week's senior design / capstone projects for ME's. Most were "meh", but evidently I missed a couple of doozies in a different room where some mixed EE / ME presented. Highly likely that one group of three people won't be graduating in the Spring.
  2. Tru dat. No matter how hard you try, or how many you wash them with whatever magic powder you have, gear oil smell will never come out of clothes. Ruined a loyal flannel work shirt that way.
  3. PB&J, tortilla chips, apple, Halloween M&M's.
  4. I'm thankful for a relatively healthy and happy family and that my dad is staying busy and managing everything at the house.
  5. Speaking of Thanksgiving, be sure to keep any kiddos (yours and others... if you like them) safe in the cooking zone. We got lots of turkey fryers down here in paradise who are aware of dangers with an open flame and hot oil. Children don't know. Keep them safe, even if you have to yell at them.
  6. PB&J, doritos, dos appleos, and granola bar
  7. Playing guitar on the side of enovriarsdf is not great If my wife was home right now she’s tell me to stop. No
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