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  1. Spinach and lentils with za'atar, balled egg, strawberries, and an apricot.
  2. My "Sunday fast" is from dinner on Saturday to dinner on Sunday (24'ish hours). I get hungry on Sunday about mid-morning, but I just ignore it and tell myself "you're fasting and won't eat until dinner" and hunger pains eventually vanish. I'm guessing the Monday blahs are just from my body reacting to no ready source of energy-in-the-tummy on Sunday. I have a general feeling of light-headedness on Monday.
  3. Black beans and squash with a puree of brocolli and other stuff on top, plain yogurt, and two apricots
  4. Were those eggs fried in the bacon drippings?
  5. On a positive note, after 14 days of food consciousness and running I've lost 12 lbm. I've fasted the past two Sundays and it's really not as bad as I thought. However, the following Monday's have sucked. Yesterday I built a gate (done at noon) to keep the chickens in the back yard and after that I felt bad overall (not sick, just blah) and was on edge with noises. Having two little boys includes lots of noises. Was not a good person to be around yesterday.
  6. 11 years after the beloved series ended (stranded on the island), it took a movie to get them off the island... only to return...
  7. Oh, and a brand new phenomenon I (actually my wife) recently discovered... keto breath. F me.
  8. Lentils with spinach and tomatoes, hard B egg, cutie
  9. Don't put your d**k in that
  10. Cabbage with black beans, hard bawled ("boiled") egg, cutie
  11. I stood in line at Cabela's for 20 minutes yesterday.
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