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  1. Master slacker

    Movie thread

    Wife was the same way. She liked the movie, but she didn't read the book either. Of course, she's not as geeky into the 80's / arcades / Atari as I am so she's not going to pick up the book. Of the few books I've read that have been turned into a movie, this one is by far the most egregious adaptation yet.
  2. Master slacker

    The Automotive Thread

    I got that tool (long socket with a slot in it), but it was unnecessary because I have easy access to the sensor nut and the wiring slid right through the box end. Should've been as easy as 1, 2, 3... but no...
  3. Master slacker

    Movie thread

    We recently viewed Ready Player One. Let me preface this review by stating that I first read the book. Holy MF sh*t. This movie is a steaming pile of "movie based on the book". Aside from names of characters (at least those who are in the book), there is very little that ties the book and movie together. There are countless story f-ups just to f it up - Parzival & Art3mis and Wade & Samantha don't meet like that, why change the first key challenge like that?, where the hell are the gates after getting each key?, who the f is I-r0k?, Daito... (read the book), and the list can go on. The movie is just bad and Steven Spielberg should feel bad for butchering such a great book except that, you know, he got gobs of money from this thing so he won't feel bad. I got the book for Christmas and I'm not a super fast reader, but I finished it a couple of weeks ago and I HIGHLY suggest you read the book if you already saw the movie. Wish I could unsee the movie. One haptic star. The book is great. Right up my alley being 80's, fantasy, sci-fi, arcade games, etc... I remember playing Joust, Adventure, Pac-Man, and the like when I was younger. The details and visuals in my head were much better than Spielberg laid out in the movie and the twists and turns not in the movie tie the whole story together so much better. Read it if your interests are similar to mine. 4.5 haptic stars.
  4. Master slacker

    The Automotive Thread

    Oh gee, got a wee little P1135 code being thrown? Oh, it's an O2 sensor that needs to be replaced? Cool, got it on order and will replace it NO PROBLEM since this is easily accessible from the top of the engine. Just need to pop the hood, unplug the sensor, and put a closed-end 22 mm wrench on it. Right O! Beer will stay cold through the entire job. #$@#$)(#*@$&*(&#*($&%*(@#)!)(#&#($)(@#&#%#@_$&_)$@!!!!!! Damn sensor came out and stripped every f'ing thread on the way out. F me. Maybe I can tap the mangled remains of it so I can put the new one in (?). Off to O'Reilly's I go! #(*$#%_)*$%*)&@!)(@^%)(&*$)%*_)@^!&^)@&%*$*(!!!!! Damn tap won't do sh*t to the bung. In fact, I'm starting to dull the first threads of the tap. Guess I'll call the shop in the morning, but in the meantime I'll clean up the ravaged hole so I can put the old sensor in there and tie wire it in place (+1 wire twister plier experience). WTF do you mean you can't fix it? It's a stainless manifold, not cast iron. Wait, so you can't replace the bung? But if you could, it would cost how much? F that. That's about as much as a new exhaust manifold. If I'm spending anywhere near that, I'm at least going to get some new tools. Helicoil kit and new drill bit it is. Going for broke on this fix. Last option is a new exhaust manifold that incorporates two cats for all the money.
  5. Master slacker

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

  6. Master slacker

    It's Friday!!!!

  7. Master slacker

    Random Topics 3.1

    Never got to see them, but I did see Drowning Pool (Jason Jones era 😞) and Flaw, though.
  8. Master slacker

    What does the Fox say?

    Huh... and I upgraded the old WRT54G to the N600 only a couple of years ago.
  9. Master slacker

    post your You Tubes here

  10. Master slacker

    post your You Tubes here

  11. Master slacker

    post your You Tubes here

  12. Master slacker

    Random Topics 3.1

    I've recently been able to listen to and reconnect with a lot of music from my not-so-middle-age years. Thank you, aggravating job that allows gratuitous FO time. I forgot how a) awesome some of these bands are, 2) tragic some of their stories are, and D) I need to go ahead and get their CD's before I forget again. Drowning Pool Flaw SOiL Static-X Fear Factory Type-O Negative
  13. Master slacker

    Random Topics 3.1

    I've had enough of today. I'm out.
  14. Master slacker

    The Automotive Thread

    Yes! I am going to be useful! Oh... um... Maybe he really meant I4 and FWD. Typos happen. Sh*t. Well, since we're in this deep, we have a 2002 Rav4 with the 2.0L 1AZ-FE. Nearly 200k miles and still working like a champ. From what I gather, the V6 versions run like a scalded dog, but good luck doing any maintenance on them. Probably the same as any other transverse V6 car. Plug change anyone? Our 4-banger is the antithesis of the V6 variety - dead simple to work on, but runs like a dead dog. I'm boring nowadays... gimme the slow one.
  15. Master slacker

    2 teenagers versus rotary phone

    if you say so