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  1. Master slacker

    Kids of EB

    You and me both. Mini MS1 is 8 and has braces on the top row, and mini MS2 is dealing with the after-effects of shark teeth until it can be corrected.
  2. Master slacker

    funny pic thread

    You know what the mechanic thought when he lost the castle nut? Do ya? ? Wait for it... Waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiit..... He thought, "Screw it."
  3. Master slacker

    The Automotive Thread

    Seafoamed the 'rolla and ended up with a failed coil.
  4. Master slacker

    It's Friday!!!!

  5. Master slacker

    Happy Belated NJM

    HBBD, NJM!
  6. Master slacker

    The Running Thread

    You and I team up on Tri relays. I'll swim and then drink a beer or two to ya on the shitty portions of the Tri.
  7. Master slacker

    The Pet Thread

    ... Enhance...
  8. Master slacker

    The Pet Thread

    Well, chicken killer is on his way back to the adoption agency. Hopefully he'll get picked up at their next adoption day.
  9. Master slacker

    The Running Thread

    I hate "runner's poop". Doubly so when it involves alcohol the night prior.
  10. Master slacker

    post your You Tubes here

    Lordy I hate this place
  11. Master slacker

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    GWS, Bandit
  12. Master slacker

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Our old shower head was CLR'd occasionally until it couldn't be revived any more. F it. Spent $17 on a new one and I think it doubled the resale value of the shower.
  13. Master slacker

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    I replaced our shower head yesterday. The hardest part was deciding between liquid teflon and teflon tape.
  14. Master slacker

    It's Friday!!!!