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  1. Hens "poop" them out every day or two depending on breed. Some poop it less often. Not gestation though as it's pooped out when it's fully formed / hardened, baby chick inside or not.
  2. F all those hypocrites. It's just like the athletic departments recruiting students with payouts to the families or cars (yes, I have seen that first hand many times). But, then again, I have no means of even having the option to bribe my kids' ways into schools / programs / camps so of course I'm against this stuff.
  3. Fresh eggs really are that much better. Troof. There REALLY is a difference and it's big. Don't get me wrong. I'm good eating the budget eggs that come in at $1.80 for 18. In fact, other than our eggs, that's what I prefer. But compare those side by side with any of our chicken's eggs and it's night and day. The shells are stronger, the yolk has a deeper color, and the taste is more "full". I just wish we got more than 2 eggs per day in the laying season. 😕
  4. Well, LSU is surprisingly still in it. Will my prediction be correct?
  5. May or may not help, but we discovered early in our bring-cat-to-get-needled-at-the-vet days that wrapping him up tightly in a towel like a kitty burrito made everything SO MUCH EASIER. His legs were bound and he couldn't wiggle himself out to safety. Only his head and tail stuck out. May want to try that?
  6. We have a city ordinance (i think) stating thou shalt have no roosters, but none of our neighbors seem to mind the crowing in the morning. They're all up early anyway. The boys really want to have baby chicks hatch at home, so I hope all goes well until at least we can cross that bridge. Regarding stinky surprises with eggs, well, we usually pick the eggs and cook them on the same morning. They're about as fresh as "fresh" gets. Hopefully we'll mark the eggs appropriately so the yolk doesn't stare back at me from the pan.
  7. Ok, now I'm totally digging this program they have going on. Currently playing MGMT's Electric Feel. IT nannies have their website blocked so I can't see the program name or hours or playlist. Dang.
  8. So the local college radio station (KLSU) I listen to at work in the background just played Brass Monkey. Love it. That is all.
  9. So mini MS1 got a bass guitar for his birthday (December) and has been taking lessons at School of Rock since early January. After only a few months, he's pretty legit. At his age and level, they're learning somewhat simplified versions of popular rock songs (Highway to Hell, Seven Nation Army, Zombie, etc...), but not much music theory, unfortunately, or how to "read" notes (note lettering shown on the tabs). After being aggravating for a while, the wifey-wife got the owner to modify his course a little bit to include that info so these kids can be more well-rounded musicians. Anywho, after going to their first "concert" last month and hearing how good the music was (well, MS1 and the drummer), I wanted to try it. I always wanted to play banjo (love that sweet sweet bluegrass), but my fat fingers didn't hit the strings very well so my fretting was poor. Now the bass only has four strings, they're BIG, and spaced far enough apart for my sausage fingers... AND MS1 is learning music I was obsessed with back in the day. So now I'm picking it up, practicing his music, and getting into learning the non-simplified / real versions of his songs plus others he won't be learning. This sh*t is f-u-n, FUN. And I can now play a six song set (bass only) - Zombie, Feel Good inc., Highway to Hell, Folsom Prison Blues, Island in the Sun, and Say it Ain't So. The best part is the wifey-wife also likes this music, so when I'm playing and you can hear it through the whole house, she... doesn't... complain... Evidently, SOR has adult performance classes, too. Don't think I have time for that, but sh*t that'd be awesome. * just wanted to use this gif again *
  10. LSU will win. ONLY because it will be our luck that after winning the whole shebang, the title will be taken away when the head coach's FBI investigation is complete.
  11. My breakfast is usually three fried eggs... with... butter... (GASP!) If one of the lady birds starts getting broody and is staying in the coop / nesting box on top of eggs, we'll likely mark the eggs and wait it out. Any egg in another area should be fair game.
  12. Chickens will lay eggs regardless and we were hoping to have a solid six layers. We'd get 2 - 3 eggs per day. Boy did that plan ever go bust. The funny thing is that he's challenging the current top chicken, hackles up and everything. He hasn't gotten anywhere yet, but he's making his presence known. Which is fine since our boys would be ALL OVER THAT! They've wanted to have chicks popping out of eggs for years - at least since they first saw hatchings and what not at the last 4H day. I'll tell ya, chickens are awesome as pets. We just need to keep track of the harem and segregate fertilized eggs from non. 😳
  13. Welp... one of our latest batch of chickens is a rooster... When you here a "cock a doodle doo" under your house, something just ain't right with your hen. When that "cock a doodle doo" is heard, again, the next morning from the coop, you have yourself a rooster. Dammit
  14. I watched the Star Wars and He-Man episodes. SW was straight forward and informative. He-Man was pretty funny and has colorful language in it that children may repeat in front of mom or strangers at inopportune times.
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