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  1. STLMIKE88

    EET Prep course

    Very happy to say I took and passed the construction PE exam in October 2017. For anyone looking for a great prep course, look into EETUSA.com. Samir was a great teacher and really helped me prepare for the depth portion of the exam. My first attempt back in April, I self studied and failed. With EET's binder and online lectures, everything was already there and organized for you. Samir was readily available for questions and responded quickly to emails. As I'm sure you've already found out, reference material and prep courses for the exam are not cheap. But I have to say this course was worth every penny. I believe they will let you retake the course for free as well if you don't pass the first time, which is nice to know. I studied for approximately 3 months averaging 25 hours per week. (2 hours weeknights, 10 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday). I used the depth binder that EET provided and went through each lecture, making my own notes and working each problem along the way. The on demand was nice, because I could pause while working problems, or go back to re listen to a topic I didn't understand. I worked all practice problems and also took a Saturday to work the practice exam they provided. Samir graded and reviewed the practice exams which helped a lot. Good luck to everyone who is preparing! Put in the work and you'll have no problems with it.
  2. STLMIKE88

    Oct 2017 Results Map

    I will do that.
  3. STLMIKE88

    Oct 2017 Results Map

    Happy to say I am part of the 36% for the construction retakers. PASS!
  4. STLMIKE88

    Oct 2017 Results Map

    Construction retake here. 36% PR is killing me. IL people, which testing location did you go to? I took it in Carbondale, but only knew 3 people out of the 80-90 that were there.