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  1. Yes that are. About half way through the alphabet. They finally got to mine!
  2. @justdoitNG that's good. Congrats. @wyman they did go backwards for a bit which I'm not sure why but they are back to going forward. They added almost 40 numbers today so far. Definitely a much quicker pace than previous days.
  3. They just added a person that fits your criteria.
  4. I would give them a call on Tuesday.
  5. That's assuming they add new numbers on Fridays. This coming Monday they are off as well...
  6. Congrats. I would guess you last name begins with any letter that comes before G in the alphabet. They added 23 new numbers today. I was all excited because they added almost all of them before noon. Then they didn't add any more.
  7. Congrats! It would be nice to have a license number by Friday but I'm highly doubtful. They added less than 20 new license numbers today and are only on D alphabetically. By this rate they may have all the numbers in by the time they get the list of new PE's from the April 2018 exam lol.
  8. Yes they do. They are entering in on average 2-3 entries an hour.
  9. i think the first several were. Looks like they have moved onto new PE's now.
  10. It appears so. They got through about 25 today and i think most of them were licenses applied through comity. At this rate we may get our number by April? Lol.
  11. They are starting to add new licenses. Looks like they are out of state residents though. Maybe working through backlog?
  12. Last year the license numbers came out on January 9th which was a Monday. My guess would be that this year we should see some new numbers January 8th. I got my fingers crossed.
  13. The NY online verification license search is currently unavailable. Maybe they are batch inputting new numbers?
  14. My letter to sit for the PE stated that the NY review board recommended me to be allowed to sit for the exam. I don't think they make those recommendations until they have qualified your experience. We have a little while before before we will know for sure though based on the timing they handed out license numbers from the October 2016 exam. I'm thinking it will be the first or second week in January.
  15. I think the experience part was reviewed before we could sit for the PE exam. I think this status review entails a review of your form 1 or 1A to make sure it's up to date.
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