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  1. On my first attempt I used PPI and the manual from CPESR (I did not have any other CPESR materials). I did not pass by a long shot. On my second attempt I bought the Reza workbook and studied that thing pretty hard. I ended up leaving the exam feeling super confident, I was pretty confident on 40-45 problems and only had like 5 problems I did not know how to do, the rest I was able to make good guesses. I ended up passing.
  2. Baby Hamster

    Application approval and exam registration time?

    It usually takes around 60 days for them to process your application. So if you apply early February, you'll probably get approval by early April. April is the 2nd quarter which means you'll have to take it the third quarter. The third quarter is July-September.
  3. Hello all, I passed the PE Exam and no longer have a need for my Six Minute Solutions - Water Resources & Environmental practice book. If you happen to live around Los Angeles or the San Gabriel Valley and think that this book will help you, let me know and I can give it to you for free. You can message me or post here. I'll edit this post once someone claims it. Please only message me/post if you think this book will help you.
  4. Baby Hamster

    Hiner vs. EET

    Lol I was in your same boat the first time I took the exam. I had pro, def, mar, mar, def, mar. Pretty sure you need an average of all marginal to pass. If my proficient made up for one of my marginals, then I would still be shy by 1 marginal.
  5. Baby Hamster

    Hiner vs. EET

    Half my co-workers took Hiner, the other half took EET. At the end, they both passed on their 1st or 2nd attempt. At the end, it's all based on your study habits. Take every answer you see here with a grain of salt, everyone just vouches for the course they personally took. Only someone who took both courses in its entirety can make a good comparison. With that said...I took the Hiner course and passed. Structures is my weakest Civil subject (I work in Water Resources after all!). But I know that if had taken EET, I would have passed as well. As for the 40 hours vs 56 hours. I'd rather spend just 40 hours and pass, than spend 56 hours and pass. (Just my thoughts!)
  6. Baby Hamster

    December 2018 Test Results

    I'll play along. I took the October Test, I got my results on November 7 @ 12:43pm.
  7. Baby Hamster

    Hiner vs. EET

    I took Hiner and self-studied the workbook, I didn't do the online course. I don't have a structural background and I passed. I've also heard EET is really amazing. So either way you're set.
  8. Baby Hamster

    Seismic Reference Materials

    I felt it was about the same the second time. I hear the board spends a lot of effort to make each exam the same level of difficulty each quarter.
  9. Baby Hamster

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    Took 2 months (from the day I mailed my package) to get my application approved. Week 1-2 : Check gets cashed Week 6: Got a notice that my application was sent for review Week 8: Got approved From what I seen, if you want to get approved to take it for a certain Quarter, you have to get approved before the 2nd week of that Quarter. If you submitted your application in November, it doesn't look too likely that you'll get approved for Q1, especially with the holidays. But since they are getting slightly more efficient, you may have a chance if you submitted it in the very beginning of November. Just my take on it.
  10. Baby Hamster

    Seismic Reference Materials

    I didn't have to bring the AWC SDPWS. Hiner and I'm pretty sure EET, have all the necessary tables from that book already included in their workbook. I passed Seismic last month. All i needed was Hiner and ASCE 7-10. I brought the IBC both times that I took the test but never really had to use it. But it's still good to have just in-case.
  11. Yeah you can use pencil for your notes, as long as the notes are bounded of course.
  12. Baby Hamster

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    Took Seismic and Survey in October, got results for both on Nov 7. But I also want to note that my grading period didn't have Thanksgiving in it.
  13. Baby Hamster

    Reza course reviews?

    I didn't take his course but I used his workbook (2018 version). Reviewed the entire workbook twice and did all the practice problems in it 2-3 times. It's all you really need. It's how I passed. His horizontal/vertical curve problems can be a little crazy though.
  14. Baby Hamster

    October Test Results

    License numbers got released at the end of day yesterday! I finally got my number! Been checking these forums like 10x a day for the past couple years, now I can relax a bit on it lol.
  15. Baby Hamster

    October Test Results

    Me too haha. I remember I was anxious waiting for my application to get approved, that was 2 months of anxiety. At least this one is only a couple weeks. It's also the good kind of anxiety cuz you know only good news can come of it.