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  1. Baby Hamster

    September survey and seismic exam result?

    Typically comes out in the middle of the following month, so I'd say 10/15 but could be 10/13 if they are a bit early.
  2. Called the board yesterday, they said the next round of ATT's for 4th quarter takers are coming out today or tomorrow.
  3. I submitted my re-exam form in August and I'm still waiting for my Prometric sign up email too. On my last attempt, I got the Prometric sign up email about 2 weeks before the next quarter. Right now we are only 1 week away from the next quarter.
  4. Baby Hamster

    4th Attempt Going to Board

    I'm pretty sure he is talking about points... not percentage.
  5. Baby Hamster

    CA survey practice exams

    I heard the Survey Practice Exams from Mansour were pretty close to the real test. Can anyone confirm this?
  6. Baby Hamster

    Can I pass Seismic with just ASCE 7-10?

    I've heard of many of my friends who passed the Seismic exam said that I should bring it just incase but I'll most likely not have to use it. I'll interpret that as, I don't need it haha
  7. Is it very do-able to pass the Seismic exam with only using the ASCE 7-10 as a reference? I don't want to buy the CBC/IBC. Side note: I'm studying the Hiner workbook/practice problems. Thanks
  8. Baby Hamster


    I took the exam twice in California. On April 2017, the results came out at 11:24am on the first day that results got posted. On October 2017, the results came out at 11:14am on the first day that the results got posted. So it looks like the results for Cali will be out today at around 11am-11:30am
  9. Baby Hamster

    Why it's taking so long Rant

    I feel like they can't curve it until all 50 states report their score.. so if even 1 state falls behind, they can't start the curving process. But that is just my speculation. In reality, the only thing we are told about this whole process is that it takes "8-10 weeks" before your results are given. Anyone else saying anything else, is just speculating like me. The poster of this thread doesn't know their process, neither does kn1ghtfox. So there was no need for kn1ghtfox to say something like "get familiar with the process", because we aren't told the process and there is no way to find out more info about it. There's also no need for the poster to speculate about the process being inefficient either because like I said... we don't know what they do. We are only told it takes "8-10" weeks to get the results. To me this is fair and I agree with it, I don't think it's a good idea for NCEES to tell us too much about their process.
  10. Baby Hamster

    Where will you view your NCEES Exam Result?

    The first time I took the exam was April 2017, I remember anticipating that I'd get the results at the end of May and I initially had a vacation planned for that time. So I re-scheduled my vacation (Japan trip) to 2 weeks before the results came out. I'm glad I did that because I failed that exam. I found out on the first workday back from vacation. It was very difficult to focus on work for the rest of the day. The second time I took the exam was October 2017. I was sitting next to a coworker in a car, he was the driver and I was on the passenger seat. We were coming back from a field visit. When I got a text from a friend that the results were in, I immediately opened my phone and logged in and saw that I passed! I was so excited that I started shaking my coworker (who was driving), it made him swerve a bit but we didn't crash! He still brings that up to me whenever I ride with him.
  11. At least it's not as bad as the 8 hour
  12. Awesome, thanks for that link. I always thought I had to get approved at least 4 weeks before the next Quarter because I read about people getting their authorization (from CBT company) 4-6 weeks before the next quarter begins. But I guess the CBT company can give out their authorization even 2-3 days before the quarter begins.
  13. Has anyone started studying for the Seismic/Survey exam even without knowing whether you'll get approved or not? I submitted my application but got comments back saying I needed to resolve a couple issues. I've resolved those issues and have resubmitted my application a couple weeks ago but the wait for a response is killing me. I know if I want to take the July exam, I have to probably get approved by middle of this month. I think most of you would recommend me to study regardless but the uncertainty is making me anxious @_@.
  14. I registered for the Construction exam for April 2017. On February 2017 I sent an email to NCEES asking if I can change to the Water exam instead. They switched it for me within a day, so they are very accomodating when it comes to switching exams. Unfortunately the April 2017 Water exam was difficult and I ended up failing. I should have stuck with Construction because all my friends who took the construction exam during that time passed. I retook the PE on October 2017, this time I stuck with Construction, and ended up passing.
  15. Baby Hamster

    Why does Construction have a low pass rate?

    Biggest Reason: They don't teach you Construction in school. I took several Transportation, Water, Geotech and Structural classes but my college didn't offer any construction related ones. Secondary Reason: In the contractor world (Construction) you are typically expected to work 50-60 hours a week. Due to this, and how tiring the job can be, people really don't want to study when they get home.