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  1. Not a structural Engineer, but the structure I am most in awe of is the Great Wall of China. I've never been to it, but it just amazes me.
  2. About a week after I found out my number from the website, I got the certificate in the mail.
  3. I got my NY license number! Might have been issued yesterday, I was out of the office and didn't check for it. Correction... the website says it was issued on today's date.
  4. I hope it's as easy as that. I would imagine most people submitted their paperwork this spring if they were first time takers. Others within a couple of years if they had to re-take a time or two+.
  5. ArrowF

    PE License # in NY

    "If you meet all the requirements..." Does that mean that they don't review them upon initial receipt? That will be a major disappointment if you pass the test and then still can't be licensed.
  6. Sooo... anytime between now and mid January... I check their website everyday and it never changes.
  7. I did SOPE and did practically the same routine as "Rwhit PE" described above in great detail. I first time passed WRE though. I signed up early enough to watch the April '17 videos onDemand and then watched the Oct '17 onDemand videos as they became available. I LOVED the fact that I could playback the videos at faster speeds. Some topics I could listen to at 2x speed and others I needed to listen at a slower speed to get the content. SOPE depth for WRE had two different presenters between April and October. They seem to be putting emphasis on improving this portion. Neither depth instructors really "nailed" what was on the test, but between the two, I learned enough. The Breadth is where SOPE really excels though in my opinion.
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