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  1. Hi, Does anyone know the procedure to transfer License from CT state to NY and NJ. I just received my CT PE license. Please advice. Any information is greatly appreciated. thanks
  2. PSK

    PE passed in Connecticut

    Thanks for your responses. Yeah there is a similar link for next steps. Looks like i have to wait till get an email from the board for further proceedings.
  3. PSK

    PE passed in Connecticut

    I passed my PE exam in transportation. What will be my next steps? Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks
  4. Hi all, I took the PE transportation exam for the second time, just would like to discuss about the April 2018 exam compared to October 2017 exam. I think I did my best this time. October exam, I felt the morning was difficult and evening was okay, there were more conceptual questions which we need to look up in manuals in both exams. April exam, the morning was better than October exam for me. Share your thoughts here.
  5. PSK

    Oct 2017 Cut Score?

    YEah even I would like to know the breakdown
  6. PSK

    Oct 2017 Cut Score?

    You are very unlucky, if you got 54 and then failed, feel sorry for you, If your score is true, then we need 56 for sure to pass the exam.