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  1. Oh wow, that was close but glad it worked out well. I used this book for some of the concept questions as well.
  2. I also had the Power System Analysis and Design by Glover book and found it very helpful.
  3. How did you know that the exam was going to be more theory? Has there been a shift in recent years?
  4. I think this captures how I felt. I obviously studied for the wrong test. If you didn't have a power analysis textbook or the book on motors then you were up the creek. Albeit even though I had these I still think I was up the creek.
  5. That is funny. Congratulations. Georgia sure took a while but happy for you. Your wife is funny lol.
  6. Congratulations. The wait was worth it.
  7. We are in a similar boat. I have one more shot for redemption. We will have to dig deep and get this thing going.
  8. Unfortunately I failed. Long wait for that.
  9. According to NCEES, GA has withheld them from releasing results to the testers for the October 2018 exam. Not sure what is going on.
  10. Congratulations. This seems to be typical this year. A coworker received an e-mail from the GA SOS office around the same time 12/5. If you look up your name on the secretary of state license verification site you should be listed.
  11. Oh wow, I didn't think the weather in Macon was that bad. So we may run into next week.
  12. Georgia in the past has released the results as soon as NCEES said they were ready. So not sure why the change now.
  13. That would explain some things. All about the politics. Actually looks like they are inputting names again today. PE04406 issued 12/10 by examination. Slow and steady it seems.
  14. Agreed, something does seem wrong. They had planned maintenance with the website Thursday but not sure why they won't allow NCEES to release the individual results to my ncees.
  15. I think 250-300 is a good estimate. I think it was 3-4 people to bench. I wonder why they won't allow NCEES to release the scores though. This is painful.
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