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  1. breezy_moto

    HVAC Reference Material version

    I took the exam last April and started out with the 1998-2001 set before I found a co-worker to loan me the newer set. I would say it is better to have the newer set but it's hard to say if it would be the deciding factor between pass and fail. If you can rent or borrow them, get them! Shelling out the money to pay full price makes it a tougher decision. I would say you're fine with the MERM, I used the 12th edition. Do yourself a favor though and get the eng pro guides technical study guide. Aside from the ASHRAE books, it was probably my favorite reference. Once you get comfortable with material bang out as many practice exams as you can. I did the eng pro guides and NCEES practice exams and felt very good walking out of the exam.
  2. breezy_moto

    HVAC and Refrigeration Advice

    I had a very similar reference list. I did not have 6MS but I had the Engineering Pro Guides HVAC&R practice exam and various notes/equations from the Eng Pro Guides Technical study guide. A little late to get his study guide but I would look into the practice exam. He also has an additional 40 problem practice exam based on looking up references. Would probably be worth purchasing. As you're going through problems, tab relevant topics in your ASHRAE books...tables, charts, etc. I found the problems to be similar in difficulty to those in the NCEES practice exam, but take that with a grain of salt.
  3. breezy_moto

    HVAC Test Taking Strategy

    I at least tried every problem in order. If my progress stalled I moved on immediately (super important!). I "finished" each section with plenty of time to go back to the 5-10 questions I couldn't solve the first time. I would definitely solve the ones you feel good about first time around. Otherwise, as others have said, you're just wasting time and confusing yourself. The best thing you can do for yourself is prepare well. When you know how to solve the problems, your confidence goes up and your time worries go down.
  4. breezy_moto

    I'm still celebrating

    It was a great way to kick-off the summer, finding out right before Memorial Day weekend. I'm riding this high as long as I can...lol.
  5. breezy_moto

    HVAC Pass rate

    I just passed on my first try. I also used the eng pro guides study guide and practice exam. Almost bought the references practice exam as well and I'm sure it's a good one. Being familiar with the ASHRAE books is crucial! Make sure you tab the important sections and think about key words when looking up topics in the index. NCEES test was good practice too. I didn't rank the questions but just went with my gut. If I felt stuck I skipped it. There were numerous questions that I said "ahah!" the second time around. I made a spiral notebook with personal notes, equations from the eng pro guides study guide, psych charts, relevant codes, etc. I'm a historically bad test taker and made it through, you can do it! Study a few hrs a day and get your confidence built up. Get a hotel close to the test site so you can get a lot of sleep and not have to stress about traffic.
  6. breezy_moto

    State License Roster / Lookup

    But...but...I'm so used to being a nervous wreck. I don't like this feeling of normalcy! 🤣
  7. breezy_moto

    State License Roster / Lookup

    I just checked MD, still has me listed as an EIT. They said I will get my # in the mail within 2 weeks. I wonder how long until it's on the list?
  8. breezy_moto

    How are you celebrating if you pass?

    Stop asking relevant questions lol.
  9. breezy_moto

    How are you celebrating if you pass?

    Think I'll still get a raise if I stroll in fashionably late the next day?
  10. breezy_moto

    HVAC/R Exam in April, 2018

    I felt and still do feel pretty good about it. But of course the self doubt is starting to set in. Maybe I made a bunch of dumb mistakes etc. Although it was a lot different than practice exams and problems I did, I felt it was more straight forward with the wording. Hoping to God I don't regret leaving early!
  11. breezy_moto


    Yep. The timers were nice to have! But I'm still butthurt I spent $11 on a watch from Amazon It shouldn't be that hard to make the rules more clear on the exam authorization.
  12. breezy_moto

    HVAC/R Exam in April, 2018

    I'm with you! AM there were only 2 I had to completely guess on, PM there was maybe 4. I'm sure I got some others wrong as well, but overall I left feeling more confident than expected. Kind of scares me!
  13. breezy_moto

    How many references are you bringing?

    I think with the format change a few years ago, the exams are now more in depth. I'm studying for the HVAC&R exam and have come across countless problems that I need to reference the ASHRAE books. I'm bringing: -2017 ASHRAE Fundamentals -2016 ASHRAE HVAC and Equipment -2015 ASHRAE HVAC Applications -2014 ASHRAE Refrigeration -MERM -MERM Quick Reference Equation book -Personally bound book with eng pro guides equations, psych charts, notes, etc. -Will also probably bring the NCEES practice exam and Lindeburg's book of practice problems. If I get stuck on a problem I will try to find a similar problem/solution to go off of.
  14. breezy_moto


    I guess it would be NCEES. Yes, it's in MD.
  15. breezy_moto


    Thanks guys. You'd think they'd be a little more clear on the subject. But I will bring an analog watch and put it where I am told lol.