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  1. Thanks, though I hope I get technically approved soon.
  2. Hi @CAPLS, is there any typical timeline for notifying an applicant of an incomplete application? Just wondering if it's possible for someone to receive notification of an incomplete application 2 months after they've sent it in (I checked my spam folder and haven't received an email from the Board after sending an application in mid-June, although my check has been cashed). Thanks!
  3. Crossing my fingers that I'm in the same boat that quique07 was. Sent my application out in mid-June and am still waiting for any email to come 😟
  4. Thanks! I don't think they have a Prometric testing center in a non-U.S. territory or Canada though, haha.
  5. Hi @CAPLS, back with another question: I see on the website that the Seismic/Land Surveying will be administered on a continuous basis, and I will be allowed to take the test every quarter, or about 4 times a year. If I am approved to take those exams for the October 1st-December 31st quarter, is there only one day during that quarter that the exam is held (say, October 15th), or could I take the exam on any day in October, November, or December, should I so choose (and/or according to the Prometric testing center's availability)? If the second part of my question is correct, how could I find out the dates that a Prometric testing center is offering the exam before my application is approved, or is that a question I should be asking the Prometric testing center about? The reason I ask is because I am trying to schedule a vacation in October, but since there is no particular date listed, I am unsure if I would be scheduling the vacation right as I'm supposed to take the exam. Thanks!
  6. Another question I have is, when do quarters begin and end for BPELSG? Would it be correct to say that they are from April 1 to June 30, July 1 to September 30, October 1 to December 31, and January 1 to March 31? Thanks!
  7. I do have the book already, but thank you for the offer.
  8. @ptatohed As someone that didn't take a seismic class, I'm trying to figure out which references I'll need to buy and which ones are free off the Internet. Would it be correct to say that the October 2018 tests will use the ASCE 7-16 and the CBC 2016? I see that I can purchase the ASCE 7-16 from their website, but I was wondering if that's the "best" way of obtaining the book, or if it can be printed for free like the CBC. Also, for the CBC, would it just be Part 2, Volumes 1 and 2, that I would need to download and print from their website, or should I also include Part 2.5 (plus others?)? @CAPLS Hope I don't bother you with the umpteenth questions about these, but I have a few queries: Does the NCEES Council Record only apply towards people that already have the PE in other states, or can a non-licensed person use it to transmit educational experience to the BPELSG? If it can be used by non-licensed people, will I still need to submit my transcripts over? If my direct supervisor is retiring before I get the requisite qualifying experience, is it ok for him to be one of my references as long as the other references list the required qualifying experience time? If not, would it be ok for my supervisor to sign the form after I have the required qualifying experience, despite my supervisor having already retired? The BPELSG Application for Licensure form checklist says that I will need to request verification of my having passed the NCEES PE exam. That PE exam is listed under the "Verified Exams" box on the NCEES website when I'm logged in, but I haven't actually done anything. Will I need to manually submit some kind of request, or can I assume that this is a non-issue? I have already been fingerprinted for the EIT. I know that it is listed on the BPELSG website that I do not to be fingerprinted again, but is there any formal proof that I need to provide to the Board, or can I just assume that the BPELSG has them already? Thanks for the help!