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  1. April 2018 PE Exam

    Found this online. http://safety.ep.wisc.edu/wp-uploads/2017/03/36.-2015-NFPA-70E-Copy.pdf Hope this helps.
  2. April 2018 PE Exam

    The Power specification only specifies an edition for NEC, so my thinking is, the 2015 version will be good enough for the exam. Also, the below article talks about the changes made in the 2018 version. https://www.ecmag.com/section/safety/whats-new-whats-changed-2018-nfpa-70e-update probably you could print it out if you are also using the 2015 version.
  3. April 2018 PE Exam

    You will find the 2015 NFPA-70E version online.
  4. #149 says Continuous duty (not load) , but the solution considers 1.25. Is that correct? #105: When the question states 4 conductors, I assume 3 current carrying conductor and 1 neutral. Here again, the solution consider all 4 conductors to be current carrying. Is that correct?
  5. Yes, you should definitely buy it. That is the only exam , which gave me the feel of an actual PE exam.
  6. Back of Book Graffeo Practice Exam

    Graffeo's exam, Complex Imaginary, PPI, none of them match to the actual PE exam. The most closest exam to the real exam is the engproguide exam and I am glad I found this.
  7. NCEES (version 2018) #122

    Yes, your answer did confuse me. I did solve average using (Max + Min)/2, but when you mentioned "1 square = 25 kW-----For example 25X one 15minute period/one 15 minute period= 25KW" I was trying to solve using your concept , but looks like I did not quiet follow what you intended. Sorry about that and thank you for clarifying.
  8. NCEES (version 2018) #122

    Hi @rg1.. Average power made sense when I read it, but I got stuck while solving it. As you had mentioned, The first one will be (25 * 15mins)/ 15mins = 25 ; ((25 +50)*15mins)/30mins =37.5 ; ((50+75-50)*15mins)/ 45mins = ? so i am not getting the desired 62.5; neither 50 ((50 *15)/60). What is it that I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  9. NCEES (version 2018) #122

    Even I assumed the area under the curve. Thanks for correcting.
  10. NCEES (version 2018) #122

    Thanks a lot, this made sense.
  11. Failed Power PE score?

    Thankyou @navixv
  12. Failed Power PE score?

    Another question I have is, I have Wildi and find the book to be informative and easy to read, but I have been contemplating whether to buy Grainger based on what you mentioned. I have glanced through the PDF, and did not find the book to be very appealing. Do you think it will be worth to buy the book? Thanks @navixv
  13. April 2018 PE Exam

    Have you taken the tests on http://pepowerexams.com/? are the questions in par with the real PE exam?
  14. Hi All, I have practice tests from PPI ( 1 and 2), Complex Imaginary (4), Graffeo , NCEES and engproguide. Any suggestions on where else can I find more practice exams? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi All, I saw 2 conflicting answers on this, so wanted to confirm which one. When I convert from Delta transformer to Wye, does my voltage across line and neutral (Vln) in wye remain the same as delta phase voltage (Vab) or does it get divided by root 3 (Vln= Vab/ root 3). Also do the phase angle get shifted by -30deg? Any reference will also help. Thanks in advance.