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  1. Any interest? Just pay shipping?
  2. FE Mechanical Practice Exam - 2017 - ISBN 978-1-932613-85-8 Clean copy, no writing $15 shipped FE Mechanical Practice Problems ISBN 978-1-59126-442-2 (Edition 3) Clean copy, no writing $15 shipped Will send you both for $25. Thanks.
  3. Email sent, it's just over 25 pounds worth of books for anyone else interested.
  4. Bumping this to the top, all of it is still available. Pick out a few titles and shoot me a price.
  5. Update: all have been sold. Here is what I have for sale, left to right, top to bottom: TI-36X Pro calculator with manual: $10 Oxford Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering: $5 Engineering Unit Conversions: $20 Random printed reference material: $Shipping Kennedy orange book: $10 Kennedy blue book: $20 Six Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE, 2nd ed.: $30 Juvinall & Marshek Machine Design: $Shipping Gere Mechanics of Materials: $Shipping NCEES PE Mechanical Systems and Materials (2011): $30 NCEES PE Machine Design and Materials (2016): $30 Practice Problems for MERM - 12th Edition: $20 MERM 13th Edition (with PDF copy too): $150 All of this is in good shape. The books that have the most writing and highlighting in them are the MERM and Kennedy Blue book. I'll post pictures of some of my pages from the MERM below. The 2011 NCEES practice exam and the Oxford dictionary are the oldest books, the bindings are getting a little weak. If you use the MERM for another discipline there will be basically zero marks in those areas, except the transferred errata. Ask me any questions that you have, make an offer on a package deal. Paypal personal or Square cash app work. I will calculate shipping based on the weight of what is purchased. Local pickup in Minneapolis possible.
  6. I'm planning to take the Machine Design and Materials in April 2018. I just studied for and passed the FE a few weeks ago, so I should have a good foundation going in since I've been out of school for 11 years. Sbookref, I'll send you a PM about your PDF materials, thanks.
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