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  1. I have signed up for the EET courses both breadth and depth after 2 unsuccessful attempts with SOPE. I started reviewing the breath on-demand last night. My binders will arrive this Thursday.
  2. I've been out of college since 97. I will go ahead sign up both breadth and depth course from EET. I was hoping the SOPE course would help me pass the 2nd time. I hope the 3rd time is charm.
  3. Did you also take EET breadth review course?
  4. How did you do on the exam? I will have to take it again for the 3rd time. Did the EET breadth and depth help you with the exam? I will sign up the EET transportation depth. I am planning to re-take the exam again in April 2019.
  5. I too took the SOPE transportation for the as a repeat and failed twice. I will sign up for the EET Transportation Depth and take PE for the 3rd time in April 2019.
  6. KOKOMO777

    Texas Results

    I may look into the testmasters course.
  7. I will definitely take the EET transportation depth.
  8. KOKOMO777

    Texas Results

    Congrats! What review courses did you take if any? I took the SOPE.
  9. I took WRE at 1st attempt and Transportation for 2nd attempt. The review courses through SOPE.
  10. How did everyone do on the exam? I failed again for the 2nd time taking SOPE. Did everyone pass the exam using the EET review courses for both AM and Transportation PM? I leaning heavily signing up for EET transportation review course and take the 3rd attempt in April.
  11. Thanks. I will sign up the EET Transportation depth this time and be ready for the April 2019 exam. I took both SOPE.
  12. Back to the books again for the 3rd time, 35/80. I felt certain that I've done better than the 1st time.
  13. KOKOMO777

    Texas Results

    Tick Tock...Come on Texas!
  14. KOKOMO777

    Texas Results

    Been constantly checking my email from both NCEES and TBPE.
  15. One more day of anxiety.
  16. It will be the first, if it does come out this Friday.
  17. Last year's result came out on Monday, 12/04. My guess will be either this Friday or next Monday.
  18. Exam result should be out this week the earliest. Let the anxiety begins!
  19. Let's check with Nostradamus or the Maya Calendar.
  20. Were you able to pass the PE the 3rd time after taking the EET review courses? Did EET go in depth with Traffic Signals, Phasing and Crash Modification?
  21. Texas PE Application is pretty straight forward. They provide you an example of how to prepare and explain in detail your engineering experience.
  22. Your career path is just the opposite to mine. I was fortunate enough to spend over 8 years in consulting doing design work earlier in my career. I spent the last 13 years in construction/project management. Texas Board approved my PE application back in 2017. The application process took over 3 months. I made sure I have all my ducks in row before submitting the application.
  23. The Transportation depth was rough. I guessed between 10-12 questions that I didn't have a clue of working it. There were questions that I got answers for...not sure it was the right answer but they were some what close.
  24. I felt good coming out the morning portion of the exam. I guessed between 7-8 questions (concept questions) because of time. I am sure the AM portion is the same for all disciplines. As for the Transportation depth, I didn't feel the same as the AM.
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