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  1. The result will come out this Thursday December 12th. Last year it came out on December 6th.
  2. I thought the morning was fair. The Transportation Depth was hard. I hope I scored enough the pass. It's my 3rd time. I am not looking forward to the 4th.
  3. I have signed up for the EET courses both breadth and depth after 2 unsuccessful attempts with SOPE. I started reviewing the breath on-demand last night. My binders will arrive this Thursday.
  4. I've been out of college since 97. I will go ahead sign up both breadth and depth course from EET. I was hoping the SOPE course would help me pass the 2nd time. I hope the 3rd time is charm.
  5. Did you also take EET breadth review course?
  6. How did you do on the exam? I will have to take it again for the 3rd time. Did the EET breadth and depth help you with the exam? I will sign up the EET transportation depth. I am planning to re-take the exam again in April 2019.
  7. I too took the SOPE transportation for the as a repeat and failed twice. I will sign up for the EET Transportation Depth and take PE for the 3rd time in April 2019.
  8. KOKOMO777

    Texas Results

    I may look into the testmasters course.
  9. I will definitely take the EET transportation depth.
  10. KOKOMO777

    Texas Results

    Congrats! What review courses did you take if any? I took the SOPE.
  11. I took WRE at 1st attempt and Transportation for 2nd attempt. The review courses through SOPE.
  12. How did everyone do on the exam? I failed again for the 2nd time taking SOPE. Did everyone pass the exam using the EET review courses for both AM and Transportation PM? I leaning heavily signing up for EET transportation review course and take the 3rd attempt in April.
  13. Thanks. I will sign up the EET Transportation depth this time and be ready for the April 2019 exam. I took both SOPE.
  14. Back to the books again for the 3rd time, 35/80. I felt certain that I've done better than the 1st time.
  15. KOKOMO777

    Texas Results

    Tick Tock...Come on Texas!
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