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  1. KOKOMO777

    Table set up at exam

    There were over 800 people taking the exams at the Will Rogers Convention Center. It was divided into 4 or 5 separate rooms. I am sure it will be the same this October.
  2. KOKOMO777

    Table set up at exam

    Ft. Worth, Texas 4'x8' folding table, 2 person per table books on table and cart
  3. KOKOMO777

    NCEES 2011 PE Practice Exam

    That version is hard to come by. I saw one E-bay that cost ridiculously high.
  4. KOKOMO777

    PE vs. AACE Certification

    There's a lot of jobs out there other than consulting that will accept PMP over a PE certification. I will pursue the PMP if I do not pass the PE.
  5. KOKOMO777

    15 FE Exam Waiver

    There's a couple of states that do waive the FE. Texas is one of them base minimum/education on work experience.
  6. KOKOMO777

    explanation required

    Construction joints are used when you have a separate pour where the sections are being connected by rebar dowel.
  7. KOKOMO777

    EET Advice

    Thanks for Sharing. I am still debating about signing up for the EET course. I have already spent too much money on SOPE. Edited by Mod to remove same content as original post.
  8. KOKOMO777

    Old NCEES Practice Exam

    Amazon and E-bay hast it. it will cost you. I just purchased a 2008 version for $32.
  9. What's your email? I can send you a pdf.
  10. KOKOMO777

    EET Advice

    Thanks a bunch!
  11. Thanks. I have been doing problems since the last exam. I lost track of hours spent reviewing and preparing for this October's exam. How were you able to get a hold of 2011 NCEES practice exam? I saw on one Ebay that cost an arm and a leg.
  12. KOKOMO777

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    I re-took both the Breadth, WRE and Transportation Depth portion from SOPE. I've been out of school since 97. I really want to do well and pass it the 2nd time around. I felt the SOPE didn't go as much detail or follow per NCEES errata.
  13. KOKOMO777

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    Thanks for the info. I will definitely give it serious thought and consideration to take possibly both EET breadth and depth; if not jus the breadth. If the EET binder/note is all I need to help with the exam, I will likely sign up for the EET breadth. I've been working a lot of problems since the October 2017 exam. I've already spent a lot on SOPE review course. I didn't feel the SOPE breadth notes/review course was helpful.
  14. KOKOMO777

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    How was the EET review course for the breadth? Were you able to solve most of the AM question using the EET binders? I took SOPE review courses AM and WRE failed the 1st attempt back in October 2017. I want to make sure the EET is worth spending another $1K.