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  1. KOKOMO777

    October 2018 PE Exam Takers

    Let's check with Nostradamus or the Maya Calendar.
  2. KOKOMO777

    EET Review Course

    Were you able to pass the PE the 3rd time after taking the EET review courses? Did EET go in depth with Traffic Signals, Phasing and Crash Modification?
  3. KOKOMO777

    PE Exam Experience from Construction

    Texas PE Application is pretty straight forward. They provide you an example of how to prepare and explain in detail your engineering experience.
  4. KOKOMO777

    PE Exam Experience from Construction

    Your career path is just the opposite to mine. I was fortunate enough to spend over 8 years in consulting doing design work earlier in my career. I spent the last 13 years in construction/project management. Texas Board approved my PE application back in 2017. The application process took over 3 months. I made sure I have all my ducks in row before submitting the application.
  5. KOKOMO777


    That blows.
  6. KOKOMO777

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    The Transportation depth was rough. I guessed between 10-12 questions that I didn't have a clue of working it. There were questions that I got answers for...not sure it was the right answer but they were some what close.
  7. KOKOMO777

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    I felt good coming out the morning portion of the exam. I guessed between 7-8 questions (concept questions) because of time. I am sure the AM portion is the same for all disciplines. As for the Transportation depth, I didn't feel the same as the AM.
  8. KOKOMO777


    When I took the PE exam in October 2017, I got my result during the week of December 5th. It will probably be around the same time.
  9. KOKOMO777

    Green Book 2018

    From what I read and saw from the preview, Chapter 1 has significant changes. I don't know about the rest of other chapters. They didn't go into the detail.
  10. KOKOMO777

    Green Book 2018

    I hope not.
  11. KOKOMO777

    2018 NCEES Practice Exam (Transportation)

    Only 4-5 problems in the PM portions that were different using new HCM 6th edition. The answers for both version of NCEES are almost similar. It's not worth it.
  12. KOKOMO777


    " My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw the Proctor pass out at 31 Flavors last night." The NCEES will send out the result next week. I got my survey today.
  13. KOKOMO777


    I too switched from WRE to Transportation. Overall I felt better leaving the exam compare to last October. I hope for the best when the result is release in December.
  14. KOKOMO777


    First week of December.
  15. KOKOMO777


    Mine was the opposite. I guessed about 12 questions in the PM and around 7-8 for the AM. I felt much better this time around compare to the 1st time from last Oct. I am not looking forward to taking it again for the 3rd time.